Friday, 29 June 2012

Grocery shopping flight plan

If you are like me, you have to shop for groceries and that's where sneaky temptation comes in.  All those chocolates, icecreams, cheeses, soft drinks, biscuits and cakes just sitting there enticingly, waving long sugary fingers under your nose, blowing greasy kisses in your face.

All those colours and lights and deals, how can you pass up 2 packs of Tim Tams for $2, that's under half price!  You can't POSSIBLY leave THAT on the shelf!

YES YOU CAN!  Don't look at it!  Have a look at this instead.
All the good stuff is on the edges of the shops, all along the side.  Now that's not to say there's no temptation there either but far less.  The freshest items are situated on the outside of the aisles.

Most of the other stuff, the processed, pre prepared, sugar and fat laden, nutritionally deficient stuff, is on the inside.

The way I approach shopping is like this:

1. GO AFTER BREAKFAST  You'll feel full after your delicious brekky and less likely to want a donut with extra sprinkles when you see it. Plus you'll be home in time to make yourself a relaxing hot cup of tea, less calories and a 'feet up' reward.

2. HAVE A LIST    Do not deviate! Have a meal plan and check everything at home to find out what you need before you go. It's the wandering up and down aisles that plops you right in the lap of the Land of Temptation.  Michelle Bridges 12WBT gives you a weekly meal plan and a shopping list, so no thinking required there!

3. START AROUND THE EDGES    This is where you'll find your fresh fruit and veges, dairy and meat items, as well as breads usually.   Most of your shopping list would probably be all the fresh items so starting with these makes the whole process a lot faster.

4. SAY NO TO A BAD FOOD CHOICE SPECIAL   You don't NEED 2 packs of Tim Tams, even if it's only $2. Let's put it another don't NEED those extra calories that may have only cost you $2 to eat but will cost $20 or more for a gym membership for the week to work it off.  You don't NEED the extra fats and sugars that will accumulate and put you on medication that even subsidised will cost more than $2.

5. BLACK BAN  AISLES   There is NO need for you to walk down the confectionary, chip or drinks aisle. Those are WHOLE aisles dedicated to junk.  By totally avoiding these aisles if you have tired children, you also make the shopping experience less stressful for you and more pleasant for everyone.  Need a reminder?  This is a condom commercial (clean, don't worry!) but mothers, tell me this doesn't touch a memory nerve somewhere...

6. USE THE CONFECTIONARY FREE CHECKOUT  Don't stand there staring at the Cherry Ripes singing to you luciously while you wiat for the person in front of you to go through.  Why torture yourself?

7. USE YOUR SPECIALTY STORES  We don't NEED to buy everything at a big supermarket.  Quite often the smaller fruit and vege shops are cheaper with better quality produce.  The butcher or fishmonger will offer good specials too, especially if you visit them frequently and build a 'relationship'.   Support the local people, and do your digestion and health a favour at the same time!

These tips let me get in and out in no time.  I shop for 5 and can be done in 20-30 minutes, if I don't stop to talk to anyone!

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  1. I LOVE the map of a typical grocery store, never really thought about that before, but very true. I get all my Fruit and Veg at local markets, so much cheaper and great quality. Great Post!!