Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I wish I'd......

I wish I'd told her how she brightened up those around her.  I wish I'd taken the time to tell her that her positivity was such motivation.

I wish.

On the weekend, one of the personal trainers at my gym, Melissa Parry was killed in a horrific car crash. Hit by a driver going 150k down the wrong side of the freeway killed her instantly, along with 3 others in the car plus the driver of the wrong way car.

She was 23 years old.  Healthy, strong, motivated, an enthusiastic shining light full of energy and life. Not ill, not old, no reason to be taken so young, apart from the actions of another.

I wish I had the chance to tell her what I thought about her when I could.

Live with no regrets.  If you are unhappy with your life, it's up to you to change it. noone else will. Don't wait until it's too late. If there are goals you want to achieve, things you want to do, go for it. Tomorrow may be too late.

If you love someone.....tell them.  Tell them now.  If they inspire you, encourage you, help you....tell them.  If you admire them or hold them in high regard, tell them.  If they brighten your day, or make you smile, if they motivate you or touch you in some way....tell them now.  Because you might not get the chance and the joy and pleasure you can give them by letting them know is gone forever.

Don't assume they know.  People are not mind readers. People don't just 'know'. So tell them.

I wish I had.

The following memorial was taken from the Facebook page of In Balance Fitness facebook page.
" Life is a song- sing it. Life is a game- play it.  Life is a challenge- meet it.  Life is a dream- realize it.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Signs of a good workout

So, you've just completed a workout at gym, at home, in the park......venue of choice. How do you know you've given it your all?  I've made up a list of 10 signs of a hard workout, using my own experience.

1. Your legs can feel like concrete and jelly, all at the same time. They can also feel numb but sore.  I know, I know, doesn't make sense but that's just the way it is.

2.Your skin could double as a salt lick for cattle.

3. Your face is redder than Rhonda's in Bali.
Without the panda eyes ;)

4. Your mouth turns into a vacuum for oxygen.

5. The next day, you wake feeling like you are 80 years old.  It hurts to move an eyelid and you feel as if you are in a body cast.

6. You can identify muscles you never knew you had by the way they hurt after a good session.

7. You want to vomit.  Enough said.  Why is that?

8. Your towel is as wet as if you've been swimming and not working out in air conditioning.....

9. Your HRM exploded.

10. You feel FANTASTIC and SPARKING with energy afterwards!!!!!

So how do you feel after a workout?