Sunday, 30 September 2012

Week 5, rollercoaster ride

I don't know if I could have had much higher highs or lower lows this week.  Still not quite sure where I've ended up!

Menu Plans

MMMMM  new recipes!!!   A crustless baked blueberry cheesecake ( drool drool drool) was the winner, but at only 110 calories, I reckon you could add a little biscuit like a Marie biscuit to the base if you wanted a crust feel.  Troy's favourite, the delicious steak sandwich for lunch.  So quick and easy to make!  Although it did leave a hankering for an icy cold beer to accompany it.

Junior masterchefs are on holidays so have been hanging around the kitchen like bad smells.  The Cacao fudge bites have been keeping them happy!  Think I might have to make up a batch of the banana cake to keep them satisfied for the next week!

Exercise Plans

What a week!  My mental strength just was not here.  I was falling more and more into depression and struggled to see the light of day most days. It was a supreme effort to even shower and get out of PJs.  I was getting into a bad way. At this point I have to say thanks to TRAD ( Tracey Dunn) just having the opportunity to have a few 'words' with you electronically, helped me realise I am not as alone as I feel.

Now two other things have been helping me. Troy and our habit of going to gym.  While at gym and working out, I'd start despairing and feeling like I had no hope for anything in the world, halfway through things were looking up and I'd finish feeling like I had at least accomplished something.  I did a few classes this weekend, and managed to outlast a fatburner class doing a plank...the instructor called time just after 3 mins and it was only Troy and I left standing....I mean " planking!" This was after 30 mins of CX Works and an hour high intensity cardio circuit!  Literally, shook all over leaving class and still have a few tremors now :) Great morale boost!


Barbell squat                 55 kgs!!!!!!!!!  Thats up 20 kgs in 4 months and over my body weight by 6 kgs :)
Leg extension machine   32.3 kgs
Lateral raises                 6 kgs
Lat pulldown machine   41 kgs
Dumbell flys                 10 kgs
Dumbell rows               12.5 kgs
Reverse flys                      7.5 kgs   
Seated tricep pushdown    32 kgs
Bicep cable curls               32
tricep kickbacks dumbells  6kgs
Hammer curls                    8kgs
Chest press dumbells         12.5 kgs
Bent over row barbell        25kgs
Mid cable flys                    18 kgs
Adductor machine              57 kgs
Abductor machine              43 kgs  

I'm planning on introducing deadifts this week with my PT, and bringing in some more cardio too.


I have come to 2 realisations this week.  One liberating, one saddening but presenting a good opportunity.

First of all, part of the spiral downward I have been experiencing over the past couple of weeks is the overwhelming feeling I'm not good enough.  So at a 3 am contemplation/insomnia session, I thought it through.  Why do I think I'm not good enough? Because I'm not the best.  Why do I think I'm not doing my best?  Because I won't win.  What won't I win?  The Lean and Strong award for this round. Why would this make me feel like a failure?  Because I feel like a wasted my time, that it's been for nothing, that I have no value.
Now this is where I administered a damn good mental slap upside the head.

Time for some new questions.  Why did I start the 12 week transformation?  To lose weight and be healthier. Why be healthier?  Because I was pre diabetic, had high blood pressure and cholesterol readings and was worried I would have a stroke like my mother and not be able to enjoy my kids, or my life. I didn't want to be reliant on medication or have to inject myself for the rest of my life. What is the main lesson I learned from the 12 WBT?  That it's not for 12 weeks, it's for LIFE.

Well tick that box!  All problems are gone with the excess weight I lost.  I also gained confidence in myself, a healthier family and whole new lease on life. I am able to do so much MORE!

So why did I start Lean and Strong?  I wanted to get more muscle definition.  I wanted to increase my strength and look damn good in tight clothes...well you tell me the measure of my success....
So, the destructive perfectionist cycle has been put on hold, I have a whole new focus, a new energy to get into the gym and do what I'm doing for the reasons I started and not for some stupid perfectionist voice in my head.

The other realisation I came to, a saddening one, is that I am losing some friends. I feel a little grief at that but again, at my internal pyschiatrist 3am appointment time, I saw it less for the grief and more for the opportunity.  We all meet friends, become friends and then drift away at different points in our lives.  We are richer for the other's company but there comes a time when everyone parts ways, however gently and however much we may grieve over it at the time.  But the opportunity hidden in that is to make new friends, people who share your values and dreams right now, those who support and laugh with you, sometimes at you but never to spite you.  Whole new worlds open up with each new friend.  I am ready for some new horizons and to re visit familiar lands with my old friends who are still with me.

Finally...your weekly injection of awesome....

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Black Cloud and Rainbows

I have started, discarded, restarted, re -discarded this post several times already over the past couple of days. I guess I just wasn't ready enough....but then I realised last night at the normal 3 am deep thinking session, there is never a time where I am ready for this.

 I mentioned it in my weekly reflection last week, about being so down and finally ( FINALLY) not self medicating with food. Some of you know already parts of what I am about to write, others know more.  I surprised some people because I always seem so happy, positive, upbeat. Last person in the world they would think would be unhappy....and it's something I try to never admit as well, I feel like I'm failing at the veneer of perfect life we all try to paint on our lives.

I'm not.

Robin Williams is a funny is Jim Carrey, Owen Wilson and many more comedians.  It';s their job!  They must be pretty happy right?  Nope.  Depression has been with each of them.

In my experience, people with depression are good at hiding it.  I know I am usually.
The chick beside you at the gym lifting weights?  She might be suffering from depression, glowing with health as she is.
That new mum cuddling her baby in the shopping centre having a coffee?  She might be locked in her own world of pain in her head with post natal depression.
That bloke who is powering on hard at work, top of his game and mates with everyone?  He could be depressed.

Dperession has become a bit of a buzz word but it's not just unhappiness, or a bit of sadness.  Those things are normal in life, they add a bit of colour and perspective to life.  Depression is a weight that hangs off you, sucking away your air and nothing you do can seem to get rid of it.  It follows you like a shadow, like a bad smell.

Because thats' what Winston Churchill's Black Dog was, and my dense Black Cloud is all encompassing hopelessness that sucks every piece of light and love out of your life, leaving you without hope, dreams or the will to go on. It feels as if you are in a glass pit, slipping down further and further with no way to get traction to pull yourself up on the smooth slippery surface.

 Take a walk inside my mind at these times.....Imagine being in inky black nothingness, but you can feel it there like a weight agaiunst your skin.  I have voices in my cloud and they say the worst and most soul destroying things to me constantly, sometimes whispering so I can just hear it, sometimes yelling at me. And you are all alone.

( Photo by Lowell Harris)

I guess this is more a purge for me in a manner of speaking so please, if you are reading, feel free to not read any further. And if anyone is feeling like I have and do from time to time, take hope. Call someone, Lifeline or the Black Dog Institute  or
Beyond Blue

For  me,  I know roughly that the 'why' comes down to me.  I am hugely self critical.  Nothing I do is good enough for me, and, I assume, for anyone else. The depth of detestation I have had for myself meant I didn't look in a mirror for years, or look up from the ground when I walked. Convinced noone could ever like me, (because I couldn't stand myself) I ended up with few friends through school and afterwards.

Then I found a man who said he loved me.  So at 18 and after 3 months of knowing him and thinking noone else could ever possibly want someone like me, I married him. And spent the next 5 years in an abusive relationship so horrific and scarring physically and mentally, I still have post traumatic stress rear its head,   As I like to think in pictures, the post traumatic stress is usually the forked lighning splitting and stabbing the Black Cloud I am stuck in.  The result?  No sleep, a lot of fear and an overwhelming urge to hide or run away.

 I learned to be hypervigilant to people's body language, and still second guess the meaning of their words, conversations and moods. I worry all the time and after years of being told it was all my fault....I believed everything, EVERYTHING is all my fault. If I had tried better or did better, or WAS better, I would succeed or things would be different.  I compare myself to others constantly and am always found lacking. So I criticise and pick apart everything I do and am never satisfied. You can only take so much of this before your world comes crashing down, constant worrying and watching is exhausting and THAT'S when the Black Clouds sneak up and cover up the sun.

Now you know I've since remarried to the most patient man in the world who is awake at 3 am with me when I have my nightmares, and is by my side when I am in the depths of this Black Cloud with no way out. I frustrate him I'm sure, yet he is still there.  He is my friend, angel, helper, who holds my hand when I can't see the way out and tries his best to show me the rainbows in the Cloud. But I don't just rely on him.  I have to take control myself and find my way out.

I'm lucky I have a few tricks that can help me, and a family that helps me. I subscribe to the 'fake it til you make it' scenario....I listen to " happy' music to boost myself up, I run and run and run, I read motivational messages that support what I am trying to do. I stop the catastrophic one thing went wrong in the gym today, what are all the things that went right?  I practise gratitude and think about all the good things from throughout the day and try to go to sleep thinking about the very BEST thing that happened that day.

 Troy helps by pointing out when my expectations are unrealistic, that comparisons are ridiculous because there is NOONE like me, that I AM good enough and reminds me of what I have achieved, even if it was something as little as making a kickass cup of coffee that morning! He finds the funny when I can't see it for despair and holds me tight when I think noone cares.

 And suddenly there it is....

The rainbow at the end of the clouds.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Week 4, reflection and musings

MINI MILESTONE WEEK!  Made it through 4 weeks , time to reflect on the changes and look forward to the future!

Menu plans

The food this week, delicious as always.  I've started to really focus on the protein side of my snacks and I'm loving the different protein ball snacks I can make.  The Junior Masterchefs love them too...too much! I'm thinking of electrifying the fridge so I can keep some for myself.....

Miss Junior Masterchef raved about the hoi sin stirfry beef we had for dinner this week.  Not only that, but she had seconds which meant lunch for me the next day was gone!  Stir fries are great.  So quick and easy, especially when I've just got in from a day at work with an afterwork meeting and I'm starving. Any extras are always easily heated up for lunch and it's a GREAT way to use up veges!

Doing the Lean and Strong program, I've been tinkering with my calorie intake as I was starving all the time.  So far, having around 1400-1500 is working and my weight is staying stable. And my measurements!  But hang on....getting ahead of myself here......

A big change for me, which I'm sure I will blog about in more detail later in the week, is the way in which I eat.  I have been struggling with an enormous amount of pressure I have put on myself and feel totally and absolutely lost.  Depressed even. Something in hindsight, I think has been building over the last few weeks or so. Putting on the happy act for work and everywhere else is exhausting me.  Normally I would retreat and eat as much chocolate as I could hold.  Then after that had settled, go back and do it again.  It was nothing for me to eat a family size block of chocolate to myself, or a large box, or an entire jumbo family bag of maltesers, as if eating that much would somehow make me feel valued and acceptable. If it wasn't chocolate, it was wine......always wine o'clock somewhere!  Now while I have been struggling this week, I haven't resorted back to my old habits!  For me that is a huge success!  I don't feel a helluva lot better but I am not sabotaging and eating myself stupid because I am unhappy.  The habit of gym and eating the clean foods on the plan kept me going strong when normally I would literally fall apart.  That is one habit I do not EVER want to break!

Exercise Plans

This week has been great, strangely energising even, with the weight program.  I think because emotionally and mentally I felt so low, I would put all that self hate in my workouts.  My husband is a huge support.  He was there when I'd be halfway through a set and just say " It's not worth it, I'm not worth it".  He would IMMEDIATELY point out that it WAS worth it, I WAS worth it and the reasons why.  He'd push me to pull out those last few reps and celebrated every time I upped the weights. Yep, this week, I had a few new personal bests....

Lat. Pull down machine (narrow underhand grip) : 36 kgs
Leg press: 127 kgs
Shoulder Press Machine: 25.3 kg
Lunges with kettlebells: 16 kgs each hand
Leg extension machine: 30 kgs
Step ups: 16 kgs each hand
Chest press with barbell: 25 kgs
Bicep curls with barbell: 15 kgs

Looking forward to the next 4 weeks and building on what I've started!!

SSS and Milestones

This week my SSS was on a Sunday and it was a double class.  While I can feel my muscles working, as I've said before I'd like to up my cardio a bit.  So today I did a Les Mills CX Worx class and a Fatburner circuit class.
What's a CXWorx class?  A half hour of intense core work and a world of PAIN!
Tell you what, doing a fatburner circuit class after that is a KILLER!  So much so Troy, who had his heart rate monitor on, burned close to 700 calories in an hour and a 1/4.
Fatburner circuit was fun, warm up was a tug of war and the stations on the circuit alternated between cardio and strength.  Massively hard work and after 4 minutes of plyometric lunges with dumbells, my legs were not in a position to move, apart from quivering helplessly in surrender LOL!!!

Now I've mentioned up above, in the way I've been dealing with the link between my emotions and unnecessary 'medicating eating'.  We also had a fitness test which I managed to improve on most aspects and had my measurements done, pleased to see they are showing the work I've put in!!!  You can see the figures on the results page of this blog :) Going through my workout diary, on the advice of a beautiful friend in Tracey Dunn, I've noticed since July, most of my weights have increased across the board in the range from 10-20 kilos.  And what she said is true....because I have DOMS all the time, and it's hard work, it feels like I'm getting nowhere.  But really, I am.  I CAN DO THIS.  And the silly thing is I enjoy it so much, I have no idea why my mind is trying to take that enjoyment from me....maybe all will be revealed in the future and I can put a stop to it. Until then, keep with the program!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The D word

Yep the Big D....DIET

It seems these days our lives are ruled by this word, and it's become a bad word. It's a word we dread, a word our friends use to make us feel bad sometimes ( Are you on ANOTHER diet?)  A word that has become lost to its original meaning. It's become connected to deprivation, 'bad' foods and full of negative emotion.

Now I love words...I love finding out how they eventuate, what true meanings should check out some origins of swear words! But for now,  let's look at the main meaning of the word diet from


1 [dahy-it] Show IPA noun, verb, di·et·ed, di·et·ing, adjective
food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health: Milk is a wholesome article of diet.
a particular selection of food, especially as designed or prescribed to improve a person's physical condition or to prevent or treat a disease: a diet low in sugar.
such a selection or a limitation on the amount a person eats for reducing weight: No pie for me, I'm on a diet.
the foods eaten, as by a particular person or group: The native diet consists of fish and fruit.
food or feed habitually eaten or provided: The rabbits were fed a diet of carrots and lettuce.
Now only ONE of those meanings involves what we consider the word diet to be!
Interestingly, the origins of the diet are (latin) Diaeta or (greek) Dieita.  And THAT meaning is " Mode of living"  So not just food and drink but EVERYTHING in the way you conduct your life!
And to delve a little deeper...the word Diaitan means to DIRECT ONE'S OWN LIFE.  
Let's face it, there have been some DOOZY 'diet's out there.
We've been 'dieting' for over 2000 years....vomitorium anyone?  No, How about a salt water enema? Man those Greeks and Romans sure knew how to live....nothing like stuffing yourself stupid on food then having a little visit to the vomitorium for a clean out so you can do it all over again.
Or the cure all 'diet' by a Presbyterian Minister...the Graham diet.  Only vegetarian foods and no caffeine and supplement with a graham cracker. Not such a bad thing until you find out it apparently cures obesity AND masturbation......

Or how about trying the Great Masticator ( read the word again LOL) 'diet' from early 1900's?  All you have to do is chew each mouthful exactly 32 times...then spit it out.  Makes dinner parties all new and interesting.

The ever faithful grapefruit diet from the 1930's....Atkins diet in the 70's and my personal favourite....the Cabbage Soup diet.  Eat cabbage soup for all meals for 7 days and you'll lose weight.  And friends incidentally, as you fart your way through your days.......

Personally I hate the word diet in its form as its used today. I don't consider the foods I am on with the 12 WBT to be 'diet' foods at all.  I get accused of calorie counting and being 'anal' about it all but when people see my lunches and dinners, I get a lot of ' Wow that looks GREAT!  Can I have the recipe!"  Desserts have been served at dinner parties and I've successfully held a dinner party using 12wbt recipes with great success. So when I am asked how my 'diet' is going, I take a deep breath, remember the TRUE meaning of diet (Mode of living) and answer..." I'm loving my new lifestyle." 
  Because I can honestly say, after a year of following this lifestyle plan, I cannot imagine or remember my old life.  I have never felt more alive, more confident, more amazing. I still surprise myself and my family life is a helluva lot closer and more fun!  And while I still have naysayers, and those who accuse me of being too fanatical, too fit or too healthy ( stupid huh? How can you be TOO healthy????) I live by one piece of advice which I now share with you....

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Reflecting on Week 3

This is the Week of the Wall. The Week of the Don't Wanna. The Week of the Whinge.  Why is week 3 the hardest?

This week it just felt like I was wading through sand up to my hips.  It was hard work mentally, and hard work physically.  It dragged, I got cranky, I feel like I'm not seeing results and it's all too hard! But ultimately, for change to happen, it's up to me.  What I am feeling is just FEELING, not necessarily the truth.  And I know by now that feelings come and go, and that I can influence my own feelings in a variety of ways.

One way is to SHUT THE NEGATIVE UP! Every yuk thought I stop, slap it around a bit and send it on its way. I think about what the best thing that has happened so far today, or I congratulate mysef on doing the workout, or getting things done. I deliberately don't read the 'down' posts on Facebook " It's too hard, I've fallen off the wagon' type of stuff until I am in a better frame of mind....bit like the airline oxygen emergency procedure...take care of yourself first so you can care for others after.

Another way is to read about others journeys with 12WBT and how they achieve through their struggles. I can identify so much with what others have written, it's good to know I'm not alone.

I find kitschy music..happy music, music that has that annoying ability to stick in your head like this...

Or this....

Or this....

It all helps to get me up and moving and OUT THERE!

Menu plans

As usual the meals were good.....although the vegetarian shepherds pie took a lot of convincing to get the Junior masterchefs to try it. But try they did and as a family we've opted to not do that version again.  It was tasty, and the kidlets did finish it but slowly and I found the preparation and cooking of the dish just unrealistic for us as a busy family.  Felt like I was cooking all afternoon! So a big miss there.

Thumbs up though to the lemon and chilli marinated pork....quick, yum and easy. 

And one of my favourite desserts and something the Junior masterchefs ask for repeatedly is the Balsamic strawberries with basil and ricotta.  This is a great, simple dessert that will make the transition from family table to dinner with the Boss table. You'd have to excuse the presentation, it had already been sneakily dug into!!!
Missed out on one of the breakfasts, as Mr 11 made his signature dish, French toast, for his sister for breakfast yesterday and left me without eggs for my scrambled eggs, aspargus and garlic mushrooms for today!

Exercise plans.

Oh dear Lord, the DOMS have returned!!!!!!!!!!!Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness has become a constant companion, which is good, because it means I'm working those muscles!  How weird is it to feel pain but feel it as a good kind of pain? And why do I not get it until a day and a half exactly after the workout?!  I keep thinking I've got away with it!

Troy and I hit the road on our bikes yesterday and had a great ride...feeling very chuffed with myself for finally getting the courage to ride along the highway, not the smoothest of rides but it opens up a lot of other options for routes to take. It is feels good to ride along with Troy, an opportunity to snatch some time together.  We regularly ride along the river with the kids who are determined to do a minimum 10 k ride everytime....whatever the weather!  I think I need to approach workouts like a child does...all or nothing!

Acouple of new personal bests for me....
Leg extension machine   27.5 kg
Rear Deltoid raise          12 kg
Hammer Curls                  7 kg
French Press                  10kg   ( REALLY felt those triceps the next day, especially after all the other tricep work!)

This week I also struggled to get the mojo to go to gym. The alarm goes off and I'm glad I work out with Troy because I would've just ignored it every time this week if he wasn't there moving me along! I've been doing Abtember as well and seriously lacking the mojo to pump out 92 crunches after 60 situps.  Then I hear the timer go off and see Miss 8 in the lounge room....

Mojo found in knowing my kids are watching AND I'll be damned if an 8 year od shows me up!!!!

Weekly Surprise and SSS

Weekly surprise this week was to nominate a blog.  Thank you to Ute who nominated me!  I enjoy writing and love to hear when people have liked it or read it, because I mostly write to entertain myself  LOL  As you can see, it doesn't take much to entertain me!

The SSS was a skipping pyramid.  It's been a long time between skipping ropes for me and there they were this week. As a mother of 4, let's just say skipping is not always kind to me but it sure is a huge amount of fun!
A workout I might take with me when we go on holidays....VERY effective!

Finally.....a word from the wise...or weird.... but definitely cool in a different way....

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Giving up.

This blog post is something I come up against all the time.  ALL THE TIME. I have set my goals and I work and work and work. The day comes to realise my dreams, or my vision or the goals I have set and .....

" I've been so good with my eating but I've put on weight!"
" I've trained so hard for this run and my time is worse than before"
" I stuffed it"
" I came nowhere"
" I failed."

You know, reality is, you won't meet all your goals, or do what you want to achieve right when you want to. Sometimes other forces get in the way, or it was just not your time to shine. You didn't lose weight this week, or you didn't meet your own expectations in your race or your workout.  It happens. And I'm here to tell you

 That's right. It doesn't matter.  And it's not about how you play the game.  It's about how you use your focus.

Do you sit and see what you failed to do?  Or what you achieved up to that point?  Do you allow your focus on the negative, on the failure to take away your drive and dreams?  Or do you use that focus to reset your drive and will?

 This is Michael Jordan, basketball legend. Cut from his high school basketball team.  Now he COULD have given up basketball.  Being cut from the team is a big thing, a soul destroying thing. He is quoted as saying:
“I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

 Vincent Van Gogh....arguably the world's greatest ever painter. Sold a total of 1 painting in his lifetime.  1 PAINTING and that was to a friend!  How easy would it have been to give up art altogether?  Instead he painted over 800 pieces and his paintings are worth millions.

 Einstein, The Man of Modern Physics and Nobel prize winner. He was regarded as intellectually handicapped by his teachers and his parents!  He could have lived a half life, never trying, never being expected to think or achieve.

 The Beatles, one of the most famous bands in history. Rejection after rejection from record companies, one even saying the Beatles will have no career in show business. Um yep, that wasn't a show biz career it was a life changing career that influenced music in so many ways today.

All these and so many others failed.  Repeatedly failed.  But the difference is they NEVER GAVE UP.

NEVER GIVE UP your dreams!  They may not have come yet but without a dream you have no destination.

NEVER GIVE UP trying!  When you cease to try, you cease to do...and that is true failure.

NEVER GIVE UP  believing in yourself!  What you believe, you are....whether you believe you can or believe you can't you will always by right.

NEVER GIVE UP your goals!  They may take a little longer to cross off but it will happen. If you give up, they will never, ever be realised.

NEVER GIVE UP! You don't realise how close you may be to success when you just stop, thinking you are  defeated.

NEVER GIVE UP on something you really want...because you won't regret trying for it, you WILL regret not trying.

NEVER GIVE UP!  It's never too late to be what you might have been.

NEVER GIVE UP no matter how hard, the hard things in life that are worth it.

NEVER GIVE UP,  for that is how champions, legends and heroes are made. 

So it is up to you how you focus.  Do you see the lack?  Or see the potential?  Do you see what it isn't or do you see what it can be?

When you look back on your life, what will you say?  "I tried"  or " I gave up"

Keep working.  Keep trying.  Keep moving and don't stop.  The only true failure is when you stop.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Week 2 Reflection and FINALE PARTY!

WOH!  This week has been so unreal, a mix of emotions, a mix of energy and one hell of a party.

Menu plans

Again, The menu is fantastic.  I really have to express my gratitude and congratulatiuons to the 12WBT nutrtiionists and to all the people who have contributed their expertise and recipes.  We are LOVING the food so much, and I cannot say I feel like I am missing out.

It was trickier when we were in Perth, remembering even though we were there for a celebration, we didn't need to go trash ourselves.  And very grateful to go back and watch Mish's video on eating out, gave me some handy reminders.  I weighed in just for a check when we got home and leased to say still on track!  WOOHOO!

Exercise Plans

I am still working with the Lean and Strong program and loving it.  I have added in a run or two, just for my own enjoyment and the kdis are keepign me on my feet with their need for bike rides! 
I find I am lifting better and slightly heavier, still making new PBs for weights.  I noticed doing the massive workout with Michelle Bridges in Perth, I struggled a bit with the high cardio...I got through it but it was harder than I thought!  But my husband who has done a little more cardio than me found it a little easier.

My new PBs for this week are :
Leg press: 118 kg
Dumbbell lunges: 12 kg kettlebells each hand
Chest press with dumbells on bench: 10 kgs each
Bicep curls with barbell and ezy bar: 15 kgs
Pec Dec machine: 30 kgs
Upright row, standing: 17.5 kg barbell

Looking forward to the next week!


 Now bear with me for I have plenty of party photos, but no workout ones!  And next week I'm hoping to have some official photos to share with you.

Finale for last round was in Perth, and I've never been there.  IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  By far the most gorgeous capital city. I'm struggling a bit with the sore legs from the long plane trek over....definite advantages to next time booking a seat with more leg room! We flew in Friday, wandered around Fremantle, had the workout and the party in Perth on Saturday and adored visiting Margaret River on Sunday.

Now alas, I have no workout photos, too busy sweating!   But I met HEAPS of people, watched some AWESOME superstars slug it out in the fitness challenge and ladies and gents who participated, that was a massive leg smash were all AMAZING!

Dawn on the day of the gorgeous can you get?!!

I also think I am half deaf from all the ' WOOOOOO" ing whenever Mish said something and from cheering on the others!

Sadly for me, I was not ultimately a winner but I want to thank all of those who came up and told me how much you enjoyed reading my blog.  You made a nice little warm place in my heart grow when disappointment came.   I was so happy for the winners though so it was a weird feeling...disappointed it wasn't me but I think, no I KNOW the winners are awesome....the lean and strong winners have done the hard yards and it showed, Dee you were incredibly inspirational and beautiful inside and out and the top 3 transformations...AMAZING!!! Everyone who was up on stage did an amazing job and we can all be mega impressed with ourselves at making the top 20!

Just before we left....believe it or not, this is my $8 ebay dress, brand new!  I felt like a goddess!

This handsome devil is my hubby, Troy...scrubbed up alright! We've just arrived at the Perth Convention centre.

Inside the venue as everyone is arriving.  It was so well set up and just looked fantastic!

Finalists on stage...can you spot me in the distance there? LOL

A slightly closer shot of the amazing finalists....I am honoured to have shared the stage with you.

A wonderful surprise was having some of my videoblog in the main presentation....totally unexpected!

The party continued and I met so many of was like a huge family gathering!  BRING ON SYDNEY FINALE THIS ROUND!  If you are wondering if you should do it....DO IT!  You will not regret it.

Big thank you to the Perth Crew who made everyone feel so welcome and looked after and for turning on perfect weather!!!! 

Finally...I want you all to repeat after me....I'm awesome times awesome. I'm AWESOME SQUARED!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Painting a funrun picture.

Spring is sprung, the sun is here and funruns and triathlons abound!

Now the term FUNRUN might make people laugh, but I would bet these are people who have never been to one.  Unbelievably, it IS fun!  Let me paint you a picture....

Some time previously, you have made the decision to enter your first funrun.  You may have run before or not, but hey, you will be doing this one for real.  You fill in the online registration and payment details and press send.  All of a sudden a mix of excitement and horror descends on you....what have you DONE!!!!!  YOU ARE GOING TO BE RUNNING WITH ALL THOSE PEOPLE!!!!!

As time draws near, you do a few practise runs and self doubt may creep in.  I don't think I can do this.  I wonder if I can back out.  No, too many people know about you slog on. The week leading up to your first run it's almost all you can think about.

 The night before, you check you have everything you need 50 times over, your mind is racing and you don't know if you should carb load ( what the hell is carb loading anyway?) or if you'll get to sleep or not.

The day dawns, you are too excited ( freaked out) to eat.  EAT! AT least a piece of toast or banana.  You put on your running gear, pin on your number and timing chip and get to the start line.  If you are driving, your mind is in hyperdrive....put on some music and sing as loud as you can, just to stop any self doubts.  If you are meeting people or driving in with them, everyone is talking at hyperspeed and laughing just that little bit too loud......

It's almost are waiting with what feels like a million other people at the start line.  What is taking them so long?  Finally you hear the start gun/hooter/cheer and very very slowly start inching your way forward with everyone else. 

You cross the magic blue mat to start your timer and it starts to clear enough to jog, then run.....GO FOR IT!

As you run, you've got half an eye on the people around you.  There's a chick in a red shirt just ahead of you and you think you can pass speed up just a tad and YES!  You passed her.  It doesn't matter that she passes you again a little further up the may find you play 'pass tag' like this for the rest of the run!

About half way through you are feeling it but you are pushing on.  After all, there's cameras around taking pictures of you running and you don't know quite where they are!  You are puffing and panting, your ipod is blaring, it's hot and sweaty, a little bit hurty and you start talking to yourself in your head, positive messages to keep you going. You are counting down kilometre markers or looking for the pace runners to see how you are going.  Damn.  Only done 2 kilometres so far....LOL

Time doesn't really have any meaning, it passes slowly or quickly, you don't really notice.  You are so focused in the moment and keeping on going.  And you see it...the end line.  The last blue timing mat, a long straight stretch of track lined with people who are cheering and waving bells or streamers, clapping and yelling.  You find the energy form God knows where and run as fast as you can to the finish are on fire!  You can fly!  And you CROSS THAT LINE!!!!!!!!!!!

Your endorphins are having a party, your brain is screaming YOU DID IT YOU DID IT! Everyone around you is feeling the same....there's a party atmosphere with stalls and massage tables, a free showbag at the end with bits and pieces, sometimes a medal.  You have jelly legs but your breathing no longer sounds like a steam train and you cannot wipe the smile off your face.  YOU DID IT!  For the rest of the day after the race you tell everyone all about the run, how good you feel now and wait for your time to be emailed or texted to you.  You  get another rush of happy when you see your time...because it means YOU DID IT!

You are a CHAMPION!!!


So, when are you signing up?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Round 3 Week 1 reflection

And so we begin again....on our never ending story!!!

Menu Plans

Oh....My...God... YUM!  Bear with me, I took a few photos of the top meals of the week and a few were demolished before we even got the chance to take a pic!

First we have the Mediterranean vegetable sandwich with basil ricotta.  I toast my bread so its nice and crunchy.....Love a good crunch!  Also love the Olive tapenade And Roast capsicum and tomato sandwich.....why buy a lunch when you can have those for 3 minutes effort????

Now this disappeared at lightning speed!  Junior Masterchefs gave it a ten thumbs up ( Note to self: Teach children how to count thumbs as opposed to fingers)  This is a kangaroo meat pie with homemade mushy peas.  DELICIOUS!  And perfect to watch the footy at home on a cold winters night....GO MELBOURNE STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another hit with thumbs up flying around everywhere...Pork with sweet potato mash and caramelised apples. Drooooooool..........

And Troy's favourite breakfast...the breakfast frittata....myself, I find it a bit 'eggy' but still delicious.

And the ones you didn't get to see because they got a MILLION thumbs up and were inhaled?  The Cacao fudge bites were FANTASTIC.  I had initially thought the kids wouldn't like them because it was a little like dark chocolate but not only they but the 6 different other children we had here through the week loved them too!  I had to make 2 batches and only got to eat 3 bites!!!!!

I have to say, I am so so proud of my 11 yr old and 8 yr old children.  They eat the same food we do on the program but with the calorie boosts and they can take whatever they want for school lunch.  I took a peek at what they prepare for themselves for lunch.  Either a peanut butter or salad sandwich, sakata rice crackers, 3 pieces of fruit and a natural yoghurt or Nono bar ( love these...made with oats, free of nuts and only 94 calories)  They COULD choose biscuits, or chips or lollies that their not -so- healthy 19 yr old sister puts on her shelf in the pantry .   I hope that this is something they will stick with for the rest of their lives.

Exercise Plans

On advice from my PT, I have taken the week off the Lean and Strong program, to allow different systems in my body to settle.  I think I needed it...I literally slept 12 hours one night at the start of the week!  Having said that, it wasn't a complete rest.  I went running on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, running 6 kms each time.  Pleased to say I broke my previous landspeed record and did 6 km in 32 minutes!  Proof to me that Lean and Strong enhances rather than inhibits your running power!  I love running and have missed it a lot, I didn't realise how much until I started again!
So Tuesday I did a PT session and a Boot camp on Saturday as well.

I've also been doing a Challenge put up on Facebook by Ute Rogers.  It's called the Great Olympic challenge, done every day of the AMAZING paralympics. With permission from the lovely Ute, here is the 5 minute Sweat Betty workout.

Tools: Interval timer or clock
Set it 50 seconds ON and 10 seconds REST
Mat if wanted or if you're hardcore just the ground will do
Sweaty clothes and YOU

5 excercises

1. Jumping Squats
2. Push ups on toes/knees
3. Lunges
4. Burpees
5. Crunches or full sit ups

And of course, you have to sing Advance Australia Fair at the end! 

Weekly surprise and SSS

So the Weekly Surprise is a nutrition Pop Quiz....and a big 7/10 for me LOL.  Which equated to 30 pushup punishment!  So still some learning for me...

My SSS was a boot camp run by my husband Troy, who is studying his PT course. It could have been called  the Wobbly Knee workout! Great for legs , and as we used the local playground, we managed to pop out a few chinups too.  Have to give a shout out to Jeff, Jamie and was good to sweat with you!  Or was that swear?  Either way it was good LOL

Looking forward to hitting the gym again next week and of course at the end of the week we'll be in GORGEOUS PERTH for the Round 2 Finale!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

In the meantime....