12 WBT

What is 12 WBT?

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation....honestly the only weightloss/ fitness program that WORKS! I have experienced the results for myself, as have many of my friends.  Ihave completed one round and am now on my second.  In my first round I found it wasn't just a body transformation, it was a MIND transformation as well.  I went from feeling depressed and 'black' all the time to people commenting on my positivity and motivation.  But don't take my word for it...look at the pics.


AFTER (-7.1 kg and 19cms)

The program not only gives you your meal plans, your exercise plans according to your level of fitness and a way to track your weight loss but also a complete support system through the site's forums, different groups that have evolved within the 12WBT ( Go Team Victoria!) and through Facebook and twitter.

Each week there are 'lessons' and tips to help you get your mind right and live video feeds are offered throughout the program to let you ask Michelle questions.

But I can't put it into words about how wonderful the program is, how inspirational it is and how it changed my life completely. If you follow the program you WILL get results!  I have seen it too manytimes for myself and experienced it myself to not believe in it.

Check out the website.....What are YOU waiting for?


You won't regret it! JFDI!!!!!

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