Strength Goals

  2013 goals

By Feb 28th :

I will lose a minimum of 2% body fat. ACHIEVED 6 MARCH
I will complete 5 chinups/pullups at full stretch.ACHIEVED 28 FEB
I will reduce cms particularly in waist by 3cm ACHIEVED 8 MARCH
I will  hold a handstand without support  ACHIEVED 11 FEB!

By June 30th:

I will reduce body fat by at least another 2% ACHIEVED 5 APRIL
I will increase weights in each muscle area at least once ACHIEVED 1 MAY

By July 31st (originally September 30th but hey, I'm doing better than I thought!):

I will maintain body fat percentage or improve it.ACHIEVED 1 MAY
I will chest press body weight
I will deadlift bodyweight
I will squat bodyweight

By December 31st:

I will have completed a funrun every month this year.
Jan 19th: Tough Mudder
Feb 24th: Wyndham Rotary Funrun 5K 30 mins 5 secs 
March 10th:  Conquestathon 20 km mountain climb/run 5hrs 22 mins
April 27th         Run the Rock         5 K NEW PB  26 mins 24 seconds
May 12          Mothers Day Classic       4km 25 mins 48 seconds
June 2          MS Funrun 10k     54 mins 56 seconds
July 21           The Age run Melbourne 21.1 km half marathon
August        Bellarine rail run   25 August   17 km
September  Spring into shape      22 September
October      Melbourne Marathon     13 October  42.2 km full marathon
November   Marysville Marathon     17 November
December    Sussan Womens Funrun  First weekend in December

 Old Goals

1 Month goals. By end of June 2012

1. Achieve 3 unassisted chinups by working on back and shoulders at gym and practise chinups ACHIEVED 12 JUNE 2012!!!
2. Achieve goal weight of 48 kilos (2 to go).....Follow nutritional clean eating plan
3. Hold side plank for 2 minutes each side....attend CX and pilates classes and work on abdominal strength ACHIEVED 29 JUNE 2012

4. Achieve a 2 minute wall sit.....Use weights with squats and practise wall sitting during ad breaks on tv  ACHIEVED 30 MAY 2012
5. Achieve 5 complete sit ups....See no 3 ACHIEVED 7 JUNE 2012

6. Drop body fat percentage from 25% to 23%....See no 2. ACHIEVED 6 JUNE 2012

3 mth goals By end of August 2012

1. Achieve 5 unassisted chinups... Raise weights for back and shoulders as required and include chin ups in at least 2 training days ACHIEVED 31 JULY 2012
 2. Reduce skin folds around abs...Include cardio(running) in workouts to remove fat from ab area ACHIEVED 27 JUNE 2012
3.Hold plank for 4 minutes....Continue with pilates and CX and plank 'training' for at least 2 workouts a week
4. Wall sit 4 minutes....Continue with weights while squatting and wall sit at least twice a week ACHIEVED 25 JULY 2012....7:04 MINS
5. Achieve 10 complete sit ups.....See no.3, inlcude situps at the end of each day ACHIEVED 7 JUNE
 6. Drop body fat percentage from 23% to 21%.... Follow clean eating plan strictly. ACHIEVED 8 JULY 2012 ( 20.8%)

6mth goals By end of November 2012

1.Achieve 10 unassisted chinups....Continue with training for chinupsACHIEVED 1 SEPTEMBER 2012
2. Run 4 km in 20 minutes or less ACHIEVED 3 SEPTEMBER 2012
3.Complete Valley stampede 5 out for upper body strength to assist with climbing ACHIEVED 27 OCTOBER 2012

12 mth goals By end of May 2013

1.Complete Tough Mudder....Work on upper body strength and cardio training at gym and outside.
Include hill runs and climbing exercises.


  1. Congrats on what you've achieved so far! I followed you from the forum on 12wbt - the one about the haters LOL -

    I'm in Ringwood - and I want to do the Stampede AND tough mudder too! plus some other fun stuff :)

    1. I'm entered in the Stampede...11am wave :) Looks like Troy, my husband and I will be doing 2 tough Mudders....Melbourne and Brisbane. Bit freaked but hey, WE CAN DO IT!