Monday, 10 September 2012

Week 2 Reflection and FINALE PARTY!

WOH!  This week has been so unreal, a mix of emotions, a mix of energy and one hell of a party.

Menu plans

Again, The menu is fantastic.  I really have to express my gratitude and congratulatiuons to the 12WBT nutrtiionists and to all the people who have contributed their expertise and recipes.  We are LOVING the food so much, and I cannot say I feel like I am missing out.

It was trickier when we were in Perth, remembering even though we were there for a celebration, we didn't need to go trash ourselves.  And very grateful to go back and watch Mish's video on eating out, gave me some handy reminders.  I weighed in just for a check when we got home and leased to say still on track!  WOOHOO!

Exercise Plans

I am still working with the Lean and Strong program and loving it.  I have added in a run or two, just for my own enjoyment and the kdis are keepign me on my feet with their need for bike rides! 
I find I am lifting better and slightly heavier, still making new PBs for weights.  I noticed doing the massive workout with Michelle Bridges in Perth, I struggled a bit with the high cardio...I got through it but it was harder than I thought!  But my husband who has done a little more cardio than me found it a little easier.

My new PBs for this week are :
Leg press: 118 kg
Dumbbell lunges: 12 kg kettlebells each hand
Chest press with dumbells on bench: 10 kgs each
Bicep curls with barbell and ezy bar: 15 kgs
Pec Dec machine: 30 kgs
Upright row, standing: 17.5 kg barbell

Looking forward to the next week!


 Now bear with me for I have plenty of party photos, but no workout ones!  And next week I'm hoping to have some official photos to share with you.

Finale for last round was in Perth, and I've never been there.  IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  By far the most gorgeous capital city. I'm struggling a bit with the sore legs from the long plane trek over....definite advantages to next time booking a seat with more leg room! We flew in Friday, wandered around Fremantle, had the workout and the party in Perth on Saturday and adored visiting Margaret River on Sunday.

Now alas, I have no workout photos, too busy sweating!   But I met HEAPS of people, watched some AWESOME superstars slug it out in the fitness challenge and ladies and gents who participated, that was a massive leg smash were all AMAZING!

Dawn on the day of the gorgeous can you get?!!

I also think I am half deaf from all the ' WOOOOOO" ing whenever Mish said something and from cheering on the others!

Sadly for me, I was not ultimately a winner but I want to thank all of those who came up and told me how much you enjoyed reading my blog.  You made a nice little warm place in my heart grow when disappointment came.   I was so happy for the winners though so it was a weird feeling...disappointed it wasn't me but I think, no I KNOW the winners are awesome....the lean and strong winners have done the hard yards and it showed, Dee you were incredibly inspirational and beautiful inside and out and the top 3 transformations...AMAZING!!! Everyone who was up on stage did an amazing job and we can all be mega impressed with ourselves at making the top 20!

Just before we left....believe it or not, this is my $8 ebay dress, brand new!  I felt like a goddess!

This handsome devil is my hubby, Troy...scrubbed up alright! We've just arrived at the Perth Convention centre.

Inside the venue as everyone is arriving.  It was so well set up and just looked fantastic!

Finalists on stage...can you spot me in the distance there? LOL

A slightly closer shot of the amazing finalists....I am honoured to have shared the stage with you.

A wonderful surprise was having some of my videoblog in the main presentation....totally unexpected!

The party continued and I met so many of was like a huge family gathering!  BRING ON SYDNEY FINALE THIS ROUND!  If you are wondering if you should do it....DO IT!  You will not regret it.

Big thank you to the Perth Crew who made everyone feel so welcome and looked after and for turning on perfect weather!!!! 

Finally...I want you all to repeat after me....I'm awesome times awesome. I'm AWESOME SQUARED!


  1. Congratulations! Was great to have a quick chat with you before the workout! Your blog is so inspiring and I really enjoy reading it. Good luck with lean and strong x

    1. Thanks :) I'm glad you enjoy reading what I term my 'navel gazing' LOL

  2. Well done and it was great to meet both you and Troy and spend some time with you both during the workout. Look forward to catching up sometime during a Warriors workout or worst case in Sydney in 9 weeks.

    1. Thanks Greg! Defnnitely have to catch up, I reckon we could schedule in a bike ride or something before Sydney!! As you say, if all else fails, we'll find each other there :)

  3. You are the ultimate winner in my eyes.