Sunday, 16 September 2012

Reflecting on Week 3

This is the Week of the Wall. The Week of the Don't Wanna. The Week of the Whinge.  Why is week 3 the hardest?

This week it just felt like I was wading through sand up to my hips.  It was hard work mentally, and hard work physically.  It dragged, I got cranky, I feel like I'm not seeing results and it's all too hard! But ultimately, for change to happen, it's up to me.  What I am feeling is just FEELING, not necessarily the truth.  And I know by now that feelings come and go, and that I can influence my own feelings in a variety of ways.

One way is to SHUT THE NEGATIVE UP! Every yuk thought I stop, slap it around a bit and send it on its way. I think about what the best thing that has happened so far today, or I congratulate mysef on doing the workout, or getting things done. I deliberately don't read the 'down' posts on Facebook " It's too hard, I've fallen off the wagon' type of stuff until I am in a better frame of mind....bit like the airline oxygen emergency procedure...take care of yourself first so you can care for others after.

Another way is to read about others journeys with 12WBT and how they achieve through their struggles. I can identify so much with what others have written, it's good to know I'm not alone.

I find kitschy music..happy music, music that has that annoying ability to stick in your head like this...

Or this....

Or this....

It all helps to get me up and moving and OUT THERE!

Menu plans

As usual the meals were good.....although the vegetarian shepherds pie took a lot of convincing to get the Junior masterchefs to try it. But try they did and as a family we've opted to not do that version again.  It was tasty, and the kidlets did finish it but slowly and I found the preparation and cooking of the dish just unrealistic for us as a busy family.  Felt like I was cooking all afternoon! So a big miss there.

Thumbs up though to the lemon and chilli marinated pork....quick, yum and easy. 

And one of my favourite desserts and something the Junior masterchefs ask for repeatedly is the Balsamic strawberries with basil and ricotta.  This is a great, simple dessert that will make the transition from family table to dinner with the Boss table. You'd have to excuse the presentation, it had already been sneakily dug into!!!
Missed out on one of the breakfasts, as Mr 11 made his signature dish, French toast, for his sister for breakfast yesterday and left me without eggs for my scrambled eggs, aspargus and garlic mushrooms for today!

Exercise plans.

Oh dear Lord, the DOMS have returned!!!!!!!!!!!Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness has become a constant companion, which is good, because it means I'm working those muscles!  How weird is it to feel pain but feel it as a good kind of pain? And why do I not get it until a day and a half exactly after the workout?!  I keep thinking I've got away with it!

Troy and I hit the road on our bikes yesterday and had a great ride...feeling very chuffed with myself for finally getting the courage to ride along the highway, not the smoothest of rides but it opens up a lot of other options for routes to take. It is feels good to ride along with Troy, an opportunity to snatch some time together.  We regularly ride along the river with the kids who are determined to do a minimum 10 k ride everytime....whatever the weather!  I think I need to approach workouts like a child does...all or nothing!

Acouple of new personal bests for me....
Leg extension machine   27.5 kg
Rear Deltoid raise          12 kg
Hammer Curls                  7 kg
French Press                  10kg   ( REALLY felt those triceps the next day, especially after all the other tricep work!)

This week I also struggled to get the mojo to go to gym. The alarm goes off and I'm glad I work out with Troy because I would've just ignored it every time this week if he wasn't there moving me along! I've been doing Abtember as well and seriously lacking the mojo to pump out 92 crunches after 60 situps.  Then I hear the timer go off and see Miss 8 in the lounge room....

Mojo found in knowing my kids are watching AND I'll be damned if an 8 year od shows me up!!!!

Weekly Surprise and SSS

Weekly surprise this week was to nominate a blog.  Thank you to Ute who nominated me!  I enjoy writing and love to hear when people have liked it or read it, because I mostly write to entertain myself  LOL  As you can see, it doesn't take much to entertain me!

The SSS was a skipping pyramid.  It's been a long time between skipping ropes for me and there they were this week. As a mother of 4, let's just say skipping is not always kind to me but it sure is a huge amount of fun!
A workout I might take with me when we go on holidays....VERY effective!

Finally.....a word from the wise...or weird.... but definitely cool in a different way....

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