Sunday, 23 September 2012

Week 4, reflection and musings

MINI MILESTONE WEEK!  Made it through 4 weeks , time to reflect on the changes and look forward to the future!

Menu plans

The food this week, delicious as always.  I've started to really focus on the protein side of my snacks and I'm loving the different protein ball snacks I can make.  The Junior Masterchefs love them too...too much! I'm thinking of electrifying the fridge so I can keep some for myself.....

Miss Junior Masterchef raved about the hoi sin stirfry beef we had for dinner this week.  Not only that, but she had seconds which meant lunch for me the next day was gone!  Stir fries are great.  So quick and easy, especially when I've just got in from a day at work with an afterwork meeting and I'm starving. Any extras are always easily heated up for lunch and it's a GREAT way to use up veges!

Doing the Lean and Strong program, I've been tinkering with my calorie intake as I was starving all the time.  So far, having around 1400-1500 is working and my weight is staying stable. And my measurements!  But hang on....getting ahead of myself here......

A big change for me, which I'm sure I will blog about in more detail later in the week, is the way in which I eat.  I have been struggling with an enormous amount of pressure I have put on myself and feel totally and absolutely lost.  Depressed even. Something in hindsight, I think has been building over the last few weeks or so. Putting on the happy act for work and everywhere else is exhausting me.  Normally I would retreat and eat as much chocolate as I could hold.  Then after that had settled, go back and do it again.  It was nothing for me to eat a family size block of chocolate to myself, or a large box, or an entire jumbo family bag of maltesers, as if eating that much would somehow make me feel valued and acceptable. If it wasn't chocolate, it was wine......always wine o'clock somewhere!  Now while I have been struggling this week, I haven't resorted back to my old habits!  For me that is a huge success!  I don't feel a helluva lot better but I am not sabotaging and eating myself stupid because I am unhappy.  The habit of gym and eating the clean foods on the plan kept me going strong when normally I would literally fall apart.  That is one habit I do not EVER want to break!

Exercise Plans

This week has been great, strangely energising even, with the weight program.  I think because emotionally and mentally I felt so low, I would put all that self hate in my workouts.  My husband is a huge support.  He was there when I'd be halfway through a set and just say " It's not worth it, I'm not worth it".  He would IMMEDIATELY point out that it WAS worth it, I WAS worth it and the reasons why.  He'd push me to pull out those last few reps and celebrated every time I upped the weights. Yep, this week, I had a few new personal bests....

Lat. Pull down machine (narrow underhand grip) : 36 kgs
Leg press: 127 kgs
Shoulder Press Machine: 25.3 kg
Lunges with kettlebells: 16 kgs each hand
Leg extension machine: 30 kgs
Step ups: 16 kgs each hand
Chest press with barbell: 25 kgs
Bicep curls with barbell: 15 kgs

Looking forward to the next 4 weeks and building on what I've started!!

SSS and Milestones

This week my SSS was on a Sunday and it was a double class.  While I can feel my muscles working, as I've said before I'd like to up my cardio a bit.  So today I did a Les Mills CX Worx class and a Fatburner circuit class.
What's a CXWorx class?  A half hour of intense core work and a world of PAIN!
Tell you what, doing a fatburner circuit class after that is a KILLER!  So much so Troy, who had his heart rate monitor on, burned close to 700 calories in an hour and a 1/4.
Fatburner circuit was fun, warm up was a tug of war and the stations on the circuit alternated between cardio and strength.  Massively hard work and after 4 minutes of plyometric lunges with dumbells, my legs were not in a position to move, apart from quivering helplessly in surrender LOL!!!

Now I've mentioned up above, in the way I've been dealing with the link between my emotions and unnecessary 'medicating eating'.  We also had a fitness test which I managed to improve on most aspects and had my measurements done, pleased to see they are showing the work I've put in!!!  You can see the figures on the results page of this blog :) Going through my workout diary, on the advice of a beautiful friend in Tracey Dunn, I've noticed since July, most of my weights have increased across the board in the range from 10-20 kilos.  And what she said is true....because I have DOMS all the time, and it's hard work, it feels like I'm getting nowhere.  But really, I am.  I CAN DO THIS.  And the silly thing is I enjoy it so much, I have no idea why my mind is trying to take that enjoyment from me....maybe all will be revealed in the future and I can put a stop to it. Until then, keep with the program!

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