Sunday, 10 June 2012

Week 1 reflection

So we are at the end of the first week of Michelle Bridges Body Transformation program.
It's the end of the first week of menu plans, exercise plans and a challenge.  So how did it go?

Menu plans

The 1200 calorie menu plans have been easy to follow, easy to adjust to suit how many people are eating and DELICIOUS! The recipes are simple and most take only 10-15 minutes to prepare, which is a godsend when I am rushing home from work and rushing out again to take children to sports or myself to gym.  They are SO simple to follow in fact my 7 and 11 yr old children can make some of them. :-) Yay!!!

I don't often find myself hungry although at 'habit' times I do...I'm looking for something sweet after lunch and dinner and if I stay up late just watching television or on the computer I just want to constantly graze on something.  I fixed that to a degree by having a cup of tea after meals, or snacking on nuts/seeds/carrots that was factored into my calorie count. Having to take healthy snack to work in Kindergarten is easy, and it's usually carrot and celery sticks and hummous dip...YUM!  Makes me chew a lot so I feel like I've had a big amount of food, PLUS veges take up way more room in my stomach that a biscuit! But definitely, my downfall is habit munchies....and once I have a little sugary yumminess like a cupcake or chocolate, I become a raging sugar beast and find it difficult...make that impossible to stop at one. One of the kinder kids had a birthday and brought in mini is polite, three indicates an impulse control problem.  Besides which three made me feel sick afterwards! So why did I then torment myself by continually thinking about eating more?!!

Exercise plans

Loved the exercise plans on Lean and Strong.  I even FEEL stronger and firmer especially around my back arms and abs.  Most of the plans take about an hour to do with Troy and we timetable at the start of each week to factor in after work meetings and functions.  If there's something on after work, then it's 5.30am at the gym!  If the evening is free, then after the kids are tucked up into bed and in the care of their loving big sister (Thanks Em!) then we hit the gym then.  I do get intimidated by the blokes at gym at nighttime so prefer the early morning sessions myself, but with Troy there it's not so bad.   I'm looking forward to next week's program.

One thing I miss is my running.  So next week I am planning to incorporate some more running outside along the river path (my favourite place!) I have missed the aloneness, the time to think and how everything seems all sorted by the end.  Hopefully the weather stays fine for a while!


The SSS challenge and the nutritional pop quiz....well one was a success!

The pop quiz...oops.  Knowing there was 10 pushups riding on every question wrong, I think when I read the questions I really overthought them....and there was one I had no idea at all.  Ultimately a 7/10 result and 30 pushups.  I was so disappointed in myself and angry at myself until I saw on the forums that heaps of others ended up in the same boat! Still would have been nice to be in the running for a new polar HRM watch.......

The SSS 600 rep challenge....fantastic.  It was a hard, hard workout done to a timer and I completed it in 21 mins5 secs.  So that is the goal to beat next Saturday.  This was a huge success for me because I honestly thought I'd never make it through.  The time allowed for it was 1.5 hours and just reading through the list I was overwhelmed.  But amazingly, when I started and just got in and did it ( JFDI!!!) it flowed well. I learned my body is SO much more capable than I think it is.

Overall, the first week has been GREAT!  It started wobbly with the pop quiz and ended on a high with the SSS challenge. I'm learning more about what I can do and how to get my goals.  I'm proud to say I've achieved a few goals already and on my way to getting through more!!! Thank you Troy for getting up early in the morning and enduring me during the workouts ;)

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