Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Inspiration on the wall

I thought I'd share my 'inspiration wall' with you all....a work in progress and conveniently located on the way to the fridge to stop the chocolate hunting.....

Now to explain.....
From the Top....Awesome Meter...the needle is generally set to AWESOME because that is what we are...AWESOME!  Even when I feel really ordinary, ugly, having the worst day in the world and just BLAH, I can remember inside I'm still AWESOME. Never lower than cool at any rate  LOL

Flat belly...I WISH!  that would be ideal but after 4 children?  We'll see. If hard work can do it then I'll get there!

Wonder Woman....enough said.  Do I need any other reason for inspiration?

The white cards in the middle are my fitness goals which you can read on my strength goals page.  As each is reached I tick it off.  I love seeing all those ticks!!!

The rock climber is symbolic of achieving the impossible..YOU CAN DO IT, just be determined.  I can do more than what I think I can but I'll never know unless I try. here's a saying on it..." You only get one shot, one life"  and " Be the Best Me"

There's a day spa pic, a reminder that my favourite reward is a long warm relaxing massage.  That after the hard work comes the joy.

The career pic, apart from showing Michelle Bridges, is an indication to what I'd like to do...get my PT qualification and my teachers degree and run fitness games/session for 4-8 year olds, in a fun setting where hopefully they'll continue the habit, or remember how good it made them feel.

On the opposite side is a chinup  " Positive energy"  really embodies my goals...be STRONG, THINK POSITIVE and get those chinups out!  Same with the pic of the runner, the determination and focus on the face is what I need to tap into and often do when I run.

The bottom two pics now.... first the runner with the saying " The voice in your head that says you can't do this is a LIAR"  So so true.  When I run, in the first kilometre I'm thinking " what are you doing?  You can't run!  This will hurt, why don't you stop, there's no way you can make the distance"  And time and time again I've proved that voice wrong.  Now when I hear it, I think back " Liar liar pants on fire" and visualise running with my bum on fire!!! LOL Good for a chuckle.

Lastly Cascade Waterfalls at Port Vila, a beautiful beautiful place that I want to return to one day and just sit.  Warm clear water, beautiful trees and forest, a cliff to climb and abseil down should I feel the need to...I keep this picture for calm and for wishing myself back there....in a kicking bikini body!

So there you have it, my inspiration board at the moment as it stands.  What's yours like? What inspires you?

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