Thursday, 21 June 2012

Saying NO Action Plan

I'm sitting in front of a plate filled with the most delectable cupcakes I have ever seen....

Can you SMELL it?  My mouth is watering...mmmmmmmm

But, this doesn't match up with what I want to achieve, or to the clean eating plan I am following.  Can I have just one?

ABSOLUTELY!  But wait!

Could I stop at one or justify why I should have another and another....I've worked so hard, I deserve it, it's a special occasion, I don't want to be rude, it won't matter, I'm STARVING because I skipped brekky or lunch?
Have I planned ahead so that I could do a little extra workout or I've adjusted my snacks for the day so I can incorporate the calorie count in these little sugar bombs or have I just 'worried about that later?"

Resisting temptation is GOOD for the self esteem.  You feel good that you were strong enough to say no.  But the other part of you, the inner labrador, or my temper tanty 2 yr old is going off their HEAD, weakening my resolve until i cave in or am in a grumpy mood.  So I have come up with an action plan to saying No.


1. BE INFORMED  What exactly am I eating?  What is the calorie content roughly? Where's the nutritional panel? Why am I so seduced to the yummies? To have knowledge is to be armed.  If I know ahead of time what I will be indulging in, then I can plan ahead. CalorieKing is an easy resource to be able to calculate if I need to. Checking the nutritional panel can identify the hidden sugars in the low/no fat foods you think are good for you.  And knowing WHY I'm eating is I sad?  Angry?  Or am I celebrating? What could I do otherwise to get out the emotion that doesn't involve food?

2. PLAN AHEAD This week I have 2 dinners out.  I adjust my meal plans accordingly to not snack so I can enjoy the dinners and I check out the menu online before I go to the restaurant so I know what I will order and not get dazzled by the beautiful menus.  I plan my workouts around these occasions too, whether it be afternoon tea with the girls, dinner with my husband or a work function.

3. DISCIPLINED THOUGHTS AND WORDS I watch my language! when I listen to myself talking to others, am I positive?  Or am I using over exaggerations?  I am SOOOO hungry (no you're not, you're bored or just saying something for something to say) Am I thinking about food all the time? Am I using negative thoughts and words against myself, making me feel bad and more likely to eat my body weight in chocolate maltesers?

4. IF ALL ELSE FAILS....RUN! If nothing is helping, a good run clears my head and within a couple of minutes, I'm thinking better and reminding myself of what I want to be doing and how I don't want to go back to what I was.

And if you need a mental picture...just think....the cat is the cupcake.......

AND you are the dogs!!!!!


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