Saturday, 16 June 2012

Week 2 Reflection

At the end of another week, and still going strong.  A little wobbly today after pushing just a smidge too hard, but now I know where that limit lies.  But I jump ahead of myself...

Menu plans

Still loving the meals, especially the breakfasts!  The personal favourite this week is a dinner though.... the chicken and broccolini laksa, although the kids LOVED the lasagne. I have noticed though I am not drinking enough water so I am paying more attention to that.
 I had a work social night and a meeting this week so that threw the plans awry a little but with forward planning, and knowing they were coming up I was able to incorporate a little extra cardio and to gauge what meal to have.  I did let loose last night but hey it was my son's Confirmation and I'd done a run that morning in preparation. In the meantime, here's the handsome devil himself....

Exercise plans

These were very similar to last weeks and it was good to see how I've improved in the different muscle groups.  I still struggle with the shoulder presses but managed to raise my leg squat barbell weights to 30 kg, 3 sets of 12 reps. I think I could probably go a little higher....maybe next week.
I went for a good long walk on Wednesday with another 12WBTer and showed her my favourite running/walking track along the river. A good 9 km walk done and a lot of chatting!  I also managed to incorporate some running this week, a couple of goes at hill intervals on the treadmill and an easy 4 k run along the river.  So glad we finally had good weather!

Really looking forward to next weeks Lean and Strong workouts, I can see the definition coming particularly in my biceps and triceps. :)  :)  :)


SSS challenge and the inspiration board.

Firstly the SSS.  It was the same circuit as last week, timed.  However, I also had my gym's SuperHero open day.  So I went to the new Body Attack class with Troy. I dressed as Wonder Woman and he dressed as G.I Joe.

And lucky me, not only burned a total of 870 calories (my heart was pumping, I was so stuffed afterwards!) but I won a Wonder Woman action figure.... WOOHOO WAY COOL!  The energy in the gym was fantastic, it was just the best workout session I've had there.  So much fun :)
But that still left me with my SSS to do, the 600.  After watching my daughter play hockey and doing the groceries I attacked it. And now I know my limits.  I did manage to drop my time from 21 minutes down to 19 but the result was me feeling extremely ill for a while afterwards. After taking my daughter to a birthday party, I collapsed on the couch and just lay there, feeling miserable.  I completed the challenge and learned when to pull back in future, so a success all in all.

I shared my Inspiration wall in a previous blog post.  It's effective...every time I go to the fridge to see if a block of chocolate magically appeared on the shelves, I see it and the urge to snack goes away, unless I am truly hungry.  It's become an unofficial test. 

Overall, the highlight this week would have to be the fact I accomplished my goal of 3 unassisted chinups.  See my strength goals page for the video! I am so blown away that I did it....2 weeks ago..nada, now 3 chin ups!  I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!  Can't wait for the next week!!!

And remember.......

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