Monday, 4 June 2012


LET'S GET IT STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today is kickoff!  For the next 12 weeks I belong to Michelle Bridges.  I have a week's worth of menu plans that has my mouth watering, I have a week's worth of gym workouts that will make me STRONG and I have a whole new support base through other 12WBTers on Facebook, on the 12 WBT forum and at gym!

I am seeing what doing the weights program will do, at working out with Troy as my trainer,  at trying the new recipes, to going to the Finale party in Perth!

My start was a little rocky...managed to get 3 of the nutrition pop quiz questions wrong which earned me 30 pushups and while I have stuck to the menu plan today, not only did work have an open box of cadbury fundraising chocolates placed so 'considerately' on my desk but one of the kinder kids had the most delicious looking triple layered chocolate cake in his lunchbox.  Add to that my realisation that I get the munchies BAD at nighttime! Nothing a cup of tea won't fix ;)

So this week's plan is more than just a little too much on the early starts for me but hey, between meetings and work schedules, what must be must be.  If you happen to be looking for me at 5.30 am today, tomorrow or Friday ( let's face it, who ISN'T looking for me then LOL) you'll find me thinking unkind thoughts at Inbalance Fitness centre.  Ditto the place on Wednesday night and Thursday night from 7.30-9pm.  And on Saturday I will be attacking 600 repetitions of a set of 10 bodyweight exercises, followed by a bonus run on the cross trainer........thats 60 reps each of the 10 exercises, and all to a timer. Just a wee bit freaked out by that but then I never thought I could run a half marathon either.........

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