Thursday, 21 June 2012

It's raining, it's pouring....

The kids are all snoring....LOL  No, seriously, what do you do when you are stuck at home with sick kids, or it's pouring rain and the thought of setting one little pinkie outside to go to gym or for a run has you screaming for the closest doona and hot chocolate?

You work out at home!

But I don't have any equipment I hear you (whine) say ;-) and my favourite show is on television!

Let's rethink have a houseful! And how many ad breaks during the show?  Try some of these exercises and see how many you can do during the break!


Chairs are good for tricep dips, mountain climbers,  pushups either hands on chair or feet on chair if you're tough enough!

Sturdy coffee table

Great for step ups!  Also for Hamstring curls and one legged squats.


A HUGE range of floor exercises!  Pushups, situps, crunches, planking ( come on and join the Y generation LOL) Or try squats, sumo squats, high knee running, stretches and the like.


Ah, my favourite...the wall sit.  FEEL THOSE QUADS!

Minimal equipment

Got a skipping rope?  Skip away!  Got canned food?  Hammer curls and bicep curls, French presses...if you can plan ahead you can make weights by filling plastic litre milk bottles with plaster, or seeds and grains, even water!   Got a staircase?  Do some run intervals! Got a hula hoop for the kids?  Thats a GREAT ab workout and a cardio...I love hula hooping, try and aim to keep it up all ad break and you'll feel it!!! Everyone loves hula hooping....

There's so much you can do!  Even a good hard session of housework...put on some GREAT music, move those couches and lunge while you vacuum...good for you AND your house!

Need some more ideas?  Check out these links from Michelle Bridges 10 minute workouts...

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