Saturday, 23 June 2012

Week 3 reflection

Week 3, the week of weary motivation, a health check up and a new excitement....and a killer SSS!

Menu Plans

Another week of yumminess, the favourite this week being a toss up between Alison's Penang Chicken and the Kangaroo with grilled veges...mmmmmmmmm. The kids loved both, especially the kangaroo and had no idea who Skippy was....a bonus in my book. :)

Found the lunches to be a little more fiddly, as in having to cook some of them the night before, when I'm tired and really don't give 2 hoots about tomorrow.  But I'm organised, I'm prepared and it really didn't take long to cook for the next day's lunch.

I learned something new this week...quinoa.  Never cooked it, nor have I ever tasted it but it is now my favourite breakfast for the mornings I haven't had an early morning workout session.

Exercise plans

Planning our exercise sessions had a little something extra this week.  Our bathroom is being renovated and we are currently without any washing facilities.  So workouts were planned around when we needed to shower the most!
A great program although I must admit, after doing the shoulder and bicep program on Thursday and seeing a 1500 m row at the end, just for final blast fun, a little piece of me sat down and cried inside.  As it turns out, my shoulders were fine but my butt!  OOOO my poor butt cramped and ached on that hard little seat...added motivation to get it over and done with!  

Tip for me:  DON'T do a late night session then an early morning one the next morning.  Didn't have the strength I usually had, struggled with the 25 kg chest press when I've done it before fine and wanted to sit down and not play anymore half way through.  But we pushed on and got through it....let's just not do that again.
I've decided, even though I am paranoid and scared I'll miss the bar and land flat on my face, that I like jumping chinups.  Even if there's lots of them, and with each one my Clumsy quotient rises higher.
A big thank you once again to my husband Troy who comes to every workout (except the SSS...he was busy so fair enough) and counts for me when my eyes start bugging out of my head, and for showing me how to not compress myself into a pancake with the squat machine.


This week's challenge is to write a blog....TICK!  I'm loving writing it, hope you like reading it :P I love seeing people's comments and find it supportive...I'm not alone!  I particularly like doing the reflection posts, it gets me thinking about what worked, what didn't, what I liked and what I have to drag out the JFDI card for.  It's also given me an opportunity to check out some other blogs too.  Loving your work people!

SSS today took me nearly 2 hours to complete and when I was telling one of the trainers at gym what I was doing, she thought it was a pretty tough workout!  Loved the runs the best, had my Ipod in and was grooving along...only realised what I sounded like breathing in a gap between songs!  Steam train anyone?  I DID get some funny looks doing 10 minutes on the tready, then off to do the other exercises and back to the tready again so many times but pfft. Tell you what, that shower was good at the end, even if I did have to sit down a little while until the jelly legs solidified a bit.  Plyometric lunges will do that to you, especially when kettlebells are involved.....

So news this week:   had a health check done and all is GOOD!  Sugars, cholesterol, heart, everything is AOK, signed and sealed.  Doctor impressed with the nutrition plan and exercise plan which helps put me in the low risk category for the nasties....wouldn't be surprised if he joined up next round ;)

Second big news: As you may have noticed, I have a new page on my blog, a Pay It Forward page.  I am almost all organised to do a 50km trek to Williamstown and back (25 km each way) raising money to pay for someone else to do the Michelle Bridges 12 WBT who may struggle paying the enrolment fee.  To date, I have 2 gorgeous superstars joining me for the walk and I have a donation!!! I'm very pleased and really hope this will help someone and maybe become something a group of us will do, the more the merrier!

So my friends, have an AWESOME week.  If anyone tries to take that from you, here are the magic words:


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