Sunday, 1 July 2012

Week 4 reflection

A third of the way through, and the first chance to look at some results with measurements and a fitness test update.

Menu Plans

Another week of DELICIOUS meals although hands down favourite would be the healthy banana bread for breakfast.  Easy to make and delicious, and definitely something you could make for a work morning tea or take to a friends place to share.  Another goodie was the lamb koftas, so flavoursome with all the spices! My favourite lunch was in again, chicken rice paper rolls, I could eat those all day.  One that was a bit hit and miss was the broccoli soup.  Easy to make and tasty but hard to look at a bit if green puts you off and it took a little convincing to get the kids to try it, although once they did they polished the plate!

Exercise Plans

This was the last week of ' Hard and Heavy' eight program, we now move on to specificity for the next 4 weeks.  I feel stronger and managed all the weights to 12 reps, so will now attempt heavier so I can only do 8 reps and build up to 12. I find my mind gets in the way, I get scared I'll hurt myself or I won't be able to do it before I even really start it.  I noticed this during chest press.  I have lifted 25 kg in chest press (8 reps) before it when it went to 10, I fell apart.  Couldn't even do one the first time I attempted the more reps!  Which is ridiculous because I KNEW I could already do 8.  So with my ever patient husband hovering to rescue me if I needed it I forced myself to do it a second time.....and really shut out my mind and just concentrated on breath and counting.  And I did it!  My biggest downfall is my thinking. Now I'm aware of it, I can work on it.

 There was a mini milestone challenge  this week was FUN!  And it really is a take anywhere exercise plan.....thinking of possibly taking it on cruise with us at Christmas time this year to work off some of those cocktails!  It was based on a deck of playing cards, with each suit representing a different exercise to the value of the card(  8 Diamonds means 8 squat jumps or push ups etc) and the royal cards being 10 burpees.  Ultimately 160 burpees!
It was a hard and fast workout, and fun, although Troy really needs to work on his shuffling skills as we hit 100 burpees in the first half of the pack!  I think for us to do it, we need to go through the pack twice.  I was introduced to mac push ups in this milestone challenge too.  Love them, hard work and works both tricep and chest at once on opposite sides of the body.


The SSS was the mini milestone challenge and the weekly challenge was to design a workout. I based mine on body weight, as in how much you weigh is how many reps you do.  It's a hard workout, and you take a rest as needed but you don't move on until all reps are finished for that exercise.
Kipwil's Feel Your Weight Workout

Description: A workout designed to work your whole body for an SSS. Whatever your current weight is will be the amount of reps for each exercise, eg, I weigh 49 kilos so I did 49 reps of each exercise. Take breaks as you need. There are 2 rounds in the circuit before Abs and stretches. This workout requires dumbells and a chin up bar.

Type: Strength

Level: Advanced Lean and Strong

Warm Up: 5 Minutes on rowing machine. 1 min slow, 1 min fast
20 burpees

Circuit: Complete all round 1 exercises before going on to round 2. Use dumbells between 4-10 kg for each exercise, changing weight as needed but CHALLENGE yourself.

Round 1.
Chest: Chest press on bench
Shoulders: Rear deltoid raises
Back: Pullover on fitball
Biceps: Bicep curls
Triceps: French press
Glutes: Hip raises ( no dumbell)
Quads: Static lunges
Calves: Single leg standing calf raise (change legs halfway through)

Round 2:

Chest: Dumbell flys
Shoulders: Mac raises
Back: Dumbell rows
Biceps: Hammer curls
Triceps: Kickbacks
Glutes: Clams ( no dumbell)
Quads: Step ups. Change legs half way through.
Calves: Single leg standing calf raise change legs halfway through

Final Blast: Jumping chinups,as many as you can, goal to do at least half your body weight in reps.

Abs x body weight reps: Crunch pulses
Single leg extensions
Reverse crunches

Stretch: Shoulder stretch
Chest stretch
Child's pose
Tricep stretch ( do with calf stretch)
Calf Stretch
Quad stretch
Lower back stretch
Hip opener
Hamstring stretch

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone out there reading my blog, I was awarded a prize for being on of the Top 10 Bloggers for the Michelle Bridges 12 WBT.   Cue happy dance here....

Plus, check out my results page!  Have dropped in measurements and body fat pinch test and improved on my fitness test! 

Finally, my thought for the week........they are watching you.

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