Sunday, 8 July 2012

Week 5 Reflection

Or the week that hit the wall....BIG time.

Menu Plans 

MMMM  good meals this week!  The favourite this week was Rae's good in fact we had it twice!!!  Kids adored it, easy to make and the whole house smells GOOD!  Cooked my first rhubarb this week too for one of the I'm not only learning how to eat properly but how to cook new things!  And while it LOOKS a little unappetising, it sure tasted DELICIOUS!  Another 2 thumbs up from the Junior Masterchef judging panel...and they mark HARD.

One of Troy's favourite breakfasts was on this week too...the apple and cinnamon coucous. DELICIOUS and very quick to prepare.  Since we go to gym at 5.30, get home after working out and showering there at about 7 and have to be out the door by 8, we need quick and satisfying breakfasts...and this fits the bill.

Exercise plans 

This week was a DOOZY!  Can I just say, the final blasts had me almost in tears...that pyramid set of bicep curls with no break...starting at 10 kilos and ending up in stages to 25 kilos and back down again had me almost begging Troy to take the barbell away.  And that was the first brick in the wall.
Remember last week's reflection I said my mind gets in the way?  Well it's a NASTY piece of work and had me nearly in tears after every workout, except Wednesdays cardio and toning.  I needed that run so badly, I pelted at 11-12km speed for 20 minutes to just work off some of the negativity.  And while I ran, not a bad thought in sight.  There was no " give up" or " You're kidding you can't do that" just me, the ipod and my favourite songs...not even good running songs, just songs that make me smile.  I felt strong again and happy, like I used to.
That got me through the rest of the week and it is glaringly apparent that my mind is my worst enemy....and needs the greatest discipline.  While I pushed through every set and every rep with as much as I could muster, this week's workout had me dreading them for the first time for a long long time. 

The SSS challenge was all massive pyramid pulldown, leg press, chest press and those bicep curls.  I psyched myself up and got through the lat pulldowns well and smashed the leg press pyramid.  I got to the 4 step of the chest press and bang! " Why the hell are you doing this anyway?  Who are you trying to impress?" ran through my head and I just lost all the strength in my arms and wanted to give up then and there.  Troy egged me on though and I was determined if I was going down, I'd go down with a damn good fight and (not so surprisingly) finished the set as  strongly as I could.  And how did the bicep curls go?  WAY easier than the first time!  So confidence is coming back :)  And you know what to do when you hit a wall?  You climb the damn thing! ;)

Surprise challenge

This week we had to develop a snack recipe, 150 calories or less with no more than 5 ingredients. I thought about what I'd love to eat, had to tweak and try, calculate and then tested it out on the Junior Masterchef judges and their friends....SUCCESS!  So here it is....Kipwil's herby warmed olives.  This is 1 serve.
3 large Coles Whole green Olives (52 gms) 
5 Coles Kalamata Olives (30 gms) 
sprig rosemary 
5 gms pine nuts 
1/2 teaspoon Olive oil. 
Toast the pinenuts in a dry pan until lightly toasted. Combine olives, rosemary and olive oil in an oven proof dish or baking tray. Heat in a 200 degree oven until olives are softer and warm, slightly wrinkly, about 5-10 mins. Toss with pine nuts and serve warm.

Finally....a big week for husband's birthday, first week of school holidays and my son's 50th game of footy.  Been keeping on track with nutrition and haven't missed a workout, so very proud I can do this!  Next week is my daughters 8th birthday and another week of holidays.....wish me luck!  Instead of leaving you with my usual message of Awesomeness, I just want to leave you with my awesome son's footy banner and run up to it......AWESOME achievement for a player in Under 11s!!!


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