Tuesday, 3 July 2012

6 Impossible things

As I approach the middle 4 weeks of the 12WBT challenge, I found myself with a case of the blahs.  I didn't feel good enough, because I started comparing myself with others and what they were achieving.  But HEY!  I'm not them, I'm me!  And I'm pretty darn sure that someone is looking at what I have achieved and thought " I wish I could do that."  

We're all at different places along the way.  Some things seem impossibly hard until you travel a bit further along and find out they aren't as big and scary or impossible as they once were.

So here's my list of Impossible Things cut down to size...just this year!

 1. Complete a triathlon.   Now THIS was impossible even right up to December last year..  I didn't know how to swim!  My friend Mel taught me the basics and I practised doing laps (with my head above the water LOL) until I was confident.  I then entered triathlon Pink....and FINISHED!  And I DIDN'T DROWN!!  I then had to practise riding a bike.....when I didn't own one!  So late last year I purchased my Blue streak of speed and  brushed off those VERY rusty cycling skills.

2. Running a half marathon.  Impossible.  Who on earth would have EVER expected me to run 21.1 kms?  The whole way?  And to do it in under 2 1/2 hours? And still be walking afterwards???!!! Certainly not me. It wasn't gracefully done, or prettily achieved but I DID IT!

3. Chin ups.  SO Impossible.  Couldn't even get one out in May and come June I pop out 3.  Massive surprise to myself ..... and look still doing it sideways LOL Damn this newfangled technology!

4.  Wall sit for 3 minutes!  Impossible.  How on earth could ANYONE do it for longer than a few seconds, let alone a minute!  The burn is incredible. I had never met anyone before this year who could do it for longer than a minute.  Then I met Rachael who managed 4 mins in her first fitness test which got me thinking " Let's have a go.".  And no I did not believe it was possible right up until I saw the stopwatch. 

5. Stop eating chocolate/drinking wine instead of inhaling the whole lot.  I can go without chocolate every day!  I can go without a bottle of wine every Friday night! I can SAY NO! Food is no longer a reward or a craving that takes over my life. 

6.  I got MUSCLES!  Impossible.  Who'd have thought I'd be able to lift weights and GET muscles, let alone see them! And this is after only 4 weeks!!!!! As a kid I always had stick arms.  As an adult they went from stick to just hanging there.  But now, now these babies are USEFUL, STRONG and alllll mine!

And look at that, it's only halfway through the year.....what impossible things have you conquered?

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  1. Look at those muscles! Go you. Amazing results.