Thursday, 5 July 2012

Eau'd to Water

And why is that I wonder?  

We all know we are made up of mostly water...( which always makes me think of human shaped skin bags full of water...ew, gross!) and that we need to drink water to survive.  We all know about the 8 glasses or the latest, the number of glasses that go with your body weight.  IE.  At my weight, I need 1.5 litres of water a day (including that which I get from food) which is about 6 glasses a day.

We all know water is important.

Do we all know water, plain water is calorie free?  WOOHOO!  And that if you drink up, you can keep hunger pangs at bay until you experience true hunger? DOUBLE WOOHOO!


(But?  BUT?  Why a but?)

My secret:  I hate drinking it.  If I'm really thirsty I can chug it down but as far as sipping it, or CHOOSING to drink it...hmmmm.....results are not good.  I like flavour and water just has none.  I'd rather a lemongrass and ginger tea or ANYTHING but water.  I had to find a way to help myself along and I found it here:

If you look on this page, you'll see glorious jars filled with water.....and fruit or herbs to flavour it.

DELICIOUS!  Of course, now it's not calorie free but the calories would be minimal.

So I tried it myself with lemon balm. I left the lemonbalm in the water overnight in the fridge.


Next I want to try some apple, mandarin or maybe strawberries or even any one of the few different varieties of mint I have!

If you struggle with water as I do, experiment.  See what will work for you. Would love to hear about your 'recipes'!

Which brings me to my " Eau'd to Water"

Wet and wonderful on a hot day
And ever so easy to find.
Together with fruits, herbs and spices
Elegantly I imbibe.
Revive in me a love for you, " Eau Water"

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