Saturday, 14 July 2012

Week 6 Reflection


We've reached the halfway mark of the change to the rest of my life.  And I have climbed that wall from last week and I can see at least as far as the next week now. :)

Menu plans

This week's menu items were a little hit and miss with the Junior judges.  A thumbs down to the chickpea soup and massive MASSIVE thumbs up to the Not-So-Naughty nachos.  Another one that hit the target was the balsamic and basil strawberries dessert....mmmmmmm.
Troy and I deviated a little on Thursday, we went out to the Takumi Japanese restaurant in Bourke St, Melbourne.  Chosen for it's serving sizes and fresh, delicious produce, we were both able to stay within our treat meal guidelines. Loved the wafer thin wagyu beef sashimi and the red bean icecream was GREAT!!!!!! If you are in Melbourne, definitely give this place a look see.
I recieved my blog writers prize from Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body transformation this week!  Much thanks to Tea Tonic and Dermaviduals. I've been having a ball drinking all different sorts of teas....LOVE the White tea with rose petals and the Warm and Spicy tea so far!


Exercise plans

This week's plans were similar to last weeks.  I noticed I'm getting better at the bicep curls which puts a smile on my face! I was very brave and did the Hammys and shoulders workout by myself, while Troy was coaching football.  Without having someone there I felt really self conscious but I just got in and did what I had to do.  I upped the weights on the machines and managed it.  I've been reluctant to raise the weights before as we normally workout first thing in the morning and I don't want to make either of us late for work because I'm going slower.  But that attitude isn't helping my workouts and realistically, I WON'T make us late for work, it's just another little anxiety mind game.
Another thing I have changed to help me in the next 6 weeks to really develop the weight lifting habit is buying myself a workout diary.  This book has a page for my workouts, how much I slept, what I ate and when, what supplements I've taken, what cardio I have done etc etc.  It has already been useful as a motivating tool (all those clean white pages to be filled up with my writing!) and as a reminder as to what weights I used last time and how many reps I did, so I can aim to improve and see the improvements.  I got my diary from Rebel Sport ($24.95)

 Surprise Challenge

First of all I want to say Thank you to those who have supported me in my Pay It Forward 50 K walk.  I am now only A few dollars off my target!  Please take the time to check out my sponsors names and those who have said they'll walk with me on the Pay It Forward page .  If you know them....GIVE THEM A MASSIVE HUG for being so AWESOME!

This week's surprise challenge had me thinking.  We had to design a Mindset lesson to help others.  It had to be 3 minutes long, interesting and informative.  I had set myself the goal of meeting each of these challenges and I had no idea where to start.  Then I thought about what I had written last week, about hitting the wall. So, before I could lose my nerve I thought out some points, wrote them down, read them over and then promptly forgot everything I tried to memorise when I turned the camera on!  So, for those of you who haven't seen it, here is me trying to desperately remember what I had meant to say, while I was speaking.  Thank you to everyone who has seen it and left me such GREAT feedback!  And just as good, Michelle Bridges put a link to it in her weekly letter to us all.  I feel a little silly but I was so happy, I had a few happy tears that it was enough for anyone to like it!

I am a little pleased with myself, that I overcame my nerves and my ability to stumble over all my words when it counts and meet this challenge.  I'm still not 100% comfortable in front of any camera but hey, you only live once.

Finally...for all of you out there.......


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