Sunday, 21 October 2012

Week 8 reflective duties.

An exhausting week, but you can't be tired unless you are having fun!

Menu plans

Good meals again, although not a big fan of the fishcakes.  Next time I'll just do chicken I think.  A personal taste preference really, I have never liked a lot of seafood.  The kids were ok with it.

May I say a big THANK YOU to Michelle Bridges for providing the banana bread recipe for breakfast.  I'm in the running for Mother of the Year in the Junior Masterchefs eyes and Wife of the Year too.  Who knew banana bread could bring about so much love and happiness?  GREAT way to start a Monday morning!

Big thumbs up to the nasi goreng and the basil and balsamic strawberries with ricotta.  Hands down my favourite dessert EVER. 

I am really loving how quick it is to prepare these meals, especially the dinner meals.  This week I have had extra shifts and meetings, which makes for a rushed Wonder Woman, but I was still able to pop dinner on the oven and have it on the table in most cases in 20-30 minutes.

I'm having  hommus dip with carrot sticks, snowpeas, capsicum strips or celery sticks for snacks.  The act of chewing so much helps trick my head into thinking I've eaten heaps, it tastes GOOD and has started the kinder kids at work bringing in carrot sticks etc in their lunchbox.  THANKS AGAIN MISH!

Exercise Plans

erk, a hard week for me.  I go to bed by 9-9.30 most nights, up again at 5 if there is a morning workout or 6 if it's a normal day.  I average between 7-8 hours sleep a night.  But By Thursday I was done.  How did I know?  Because bith Troy and I slept right through the alarm we had set for 5 and didn't wake until 6.30!!!!  An impromptu rest day it turned out to be, as we coud only get to gym early that day.  We obviously needed the sleep so instead of feeling guilty I missed a workout, I just re scheduled and relaxed about it. Then Friday and yesterday I found myself waking from an 'accidental couch coma'.  A little like a nana nap but way deeper and involves dribble.  Not sure why it's hitting me so hard lately, I was tired last week too.  I've looked at my calories and adjusted the amount I'm eating, but I know I have a hard time slowing down as a rule so perhaps it is just a life thing.

Running group is going well :)  We did tempo runs yesterday. My length was 3 km and worked out to be 4.50 minute kilometre splits. Happy with that, although I was pushed and struggling to maintain that pace. Considering my previous best was 4 km at 5.15 minute splits, I'm thinking it was worth it!

Personal Bests for this week.....not many.  I had to ease off the Hamstring curl machine and leave my set unfinished because my right knee starting hurting like mad.  I could lunge with it, but not do hamstring work with it.  I'll give it a few days rest then see.

Barbell Squat     60 kg
Dumbbell rows   16 kg
Seated donkey calf raises   118 kgs
Bicep cable curls with rope   36 kgs

Other news!

We're off to SYDNEY!

Tickets are purchased, waiting to hear back on accomodation....cannot WAIT for finale again!  This will be my last one so I'm aiming to really ENJOY it!  I am sad knowing that in 4 weeks I'll be flying solo after 3 rounds but I know I can do it.  What I think I will miss most is the support and the friendship on the forums, hope I can meet some of you on Finale night!

Lastly, and a little off topic for a laugh of the day, Junior Masterchefs wanted to make gingerbread men.  So off they went while I vacuumed.  Amazied at what I heard when I switched off the vacuum cleaner, I did the good mum thing and took a ninja cam shot of them rubbing the butter through the mix.....

And your final thought for this week......repeat after me.

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