Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Good Morning Sunshine!!!!

Yes!!!  After a long dim and cold winter, the sun is out! Time to expose those blindingly white bits of skin to the warmth of the day and try a few outdoor workouts.  Go for a walk, swim or a run!  Soak up those rays!

The sun, apart from warming us up and giving light so we don't keep walking into things, gives us health benefits too.

The sun gives us Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for bone health, helping the bones to form correctly and strongly. It helps our intestines to function properly and absorb nutrients, is good for our skin and has an effect on weightloss too apparently.

The sun boosts our mood.  Go on, test it out.  Go outside and sit in the sun for 5 minutes.  Feel happier already?  Sunlight helps brighten our moods and to relieve depression.  Think about it, how many of us suffer from the Winter Blues?  But once that sun is out, everything is alright again, our mood lifts and there is a feeling of hope.

The sun improves our sleep patterns.  Sunlight helps your body get into it's circadian rhythm, a natural wake and sleep pattern, so basically you feel more sleepy when it gets dark. Getting enough sleep has an effect on weight, energy levels and your psychological outlook as well  This is all down to melatonin production, caused by the sun.

The sun could lessen alzheimer symptoms. This is according to an American study that showed alzheimer patients scored better on a mental exam after being exposed to sunlight thorugh the day. I don't think there's enough sunlight in a day for me in this case, but I live in hope.

The sun keeps away vampires. Very important health benefit there, completely reduces the risk of your body being drained of blood during daylight hours by 100%.  Unless it is Edward then the sparkle is enough to give you ample warning to get away.  If you want to.

Seriously though, go on, go outside and enjoy it.  If you normally run or walk on the treadmill, have a go outdoors.  Smell what is blooming, hear the sounds, feel the warm breeze float over your skin.  If you do weights, try a bodyweight workout outside, or change it up and go swimming or for a bike ride.  Go out and LIVE!




  1. Yes!!!! Summers on its way.......woohoo!!!!

  2. I love being outside! Will be out there soon taking the baby for a walk!