Friday, 5 October 2012

More than words....

Words words words.  Blah blah blahitty blah. Thousands and thousands of words are used every day, mostly by me LOL! But do those words have meaning?  Or is it just the noise of two gums flapping?

" I would just DIE if he kissed me?"  Really?  Not a good start to the relationship then.  I'd avoid it.

" If you do that again, I'm going to KILL you!"  Hmmm.....I suspect we would need about 50 gajillion new prisons or make murder legal if that were the case.

" I'm getting fit" Not by sitting on your butt on the couch you're not.

Words have meaning when backed up by actions. They become REAL and no longer just words floating about the atmosphere. The words fulfill their potential.

Let's take the word LOVE for instance. More specifically, "I love you"

Easy words to say and most people, especially young and innocent (just like me HA) take at face value.  But then experience would prove that unless there's action behind the words that matches the intention, it's just sounds.
Love cares, supports, protects,cherishes,  nurtures. Love grows and doesn't control. The actions that match those uplift and lets the other, or yourself  more than know they are loved.  It creates security and intimacy, a sense of belonging. Flowers are given, hugs are given, hands are held.  For no other reason than " I love you and want to be with you and hang out with you. You are special"  The love becomes grows into it's potential to be all the things I've just mentioned.

On the flip side of the coin, I'm sure the beaten girlfriend or wife, or boyfriend or husband have been told they are loved, as they nurse their bruised selves back to health. Children who are neglected are assured they are loved by their abusive parent, wholeheartedly believe it.
But the actions don't match...the statement of love is not real and the potential of the word is never realised.

Now, let's take the words " lose weight" and "get fit"

Part of our preseason exercises was to say it LOUD AND PROUD..."I am doing 12 week body transformation and I commit to doing this (insert specific commitment here)"

Remember doing this?  I commit to following the program to the letter, I commit to fitting into a bikini by Summer, I commit to going to every gym session.....

And now a little over halfway through.....where are those words? Where's that commitment?

Are you conveniently 'forgetting' what those words were?  Did it all become too hard right about week 3/4 and you actually didn't really MEAN to say those things, you just got carried away or you just 'didn't know'.

Or are you walking your talk?  Are you putting the ACTION into the words to make them REAL? Are you realising your POTENTIAL? Are you becoming a person of substance,  a person of your word, a person of trust, integrity and honour, a person who is REAL?  Or are people looking at you and thinking, "He/she always says it but never does it. Here we go again, can't believe a word they say."

It is HARD WORK to stick to your word, or a commitment. Quite often it's inconvenient, annoying or painful. But nothing, NOTHING  valued highly or cherish deeply ever came easily or cheaply. There is no easy way for them. The things that matter took a DECISION, a COMMITMENT and EFFORT to make it real.

Don't just be made of words. Be real. Make it have the power.