Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Dance like there's noone watching.....

Some of you may know I work in a kindergarten.  Yesterday turned out to be more educational for me than it was for them I think!  So I thought I'd share the love and learning.

LESSON No 1:    Dance like there's noone watching.....

All 28 of my little treasures yesterday did a massive gangnum style.  Now you would have to agree, it is not the most attractive of dance styles but then hey, neither was hammertime.....
Was any one of those kids worried about what their mates would think?  What I would think?  What about the kidlets in the above clip?  NO!  They all think they have the BUSTINGEST moves in the world.....they weren't worried when their breakdancing just turned into funny falls or if they were even with the beat or not.  They were just having FUN.

LESSON No 2:  Whatever you do, do at 100% full throttle.

There was no half hearted dancing with the kinder children either...these guys, it was all or nothing, no holding back. There were arms and legs everywhere, bodies on the ground and up in the air. It was 100% effort, and 100% FUN.  There was not one child, who every day, doesn't dance their hardest, run their fastest, or throw themselves around.  Small children don't have degrees of effort, it's all or nothing. You are either awake or asleep, no in between.  You are either starving or full.  You are either painting a massive masterpiece, using every single colour available or just staring at the blank piece of paper.


So how many times do I stop myself doing something because I'm worried what people would think?  That I'm not good enough to have a go?  I'll make a fool of myself? And then I sit on the sidelines wishing I had the guts to do it.  Or I'll try but it's halfhearted so I won't make TOO much of an idiot of myself....

A 4 year old is braver than me.....sobering thought. A 4 year old is living life harder and fuller than me....even more sobering.  Perhaps I should tap into my 4 yr old subconscious and just KNOW I have the best bustingest dance moves (without having to have a drink or 3 beforehand), or basketball moves, or gym moves and go at it 100%.  Give it everything I have no matter if I can or can't.  Power up that self belief into hyperdrive and throw myself in boots and all. What have I got to lose?  Better yet, what do I have to gain?

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  1. Great post, how true it is. Little kids live how we all should it is only a pity that they find the fear as they get a bit older.