Sunday, 7 October 2012

Week 6 The Halfway week....

Welcome to the Halfway point! We are halfway through the learning process of this round of 12 Week Body Transformation. We're learning about nutrition, we're learning about movement and muscles and we're learning about ourselves. We're learning it IS possible to be so sore it hurts to move but still move anyway.


This week for me was a bit wavery holidays, out and about *insert excuse here*.  But realistically speaking and looking over my food diary, my 'bad' week is overall a good week really.  I made good food choices on the whole and while there may have been 2 beers too many, the old me would have made it 5 beers, a pizza, 2 rounds of chips from the pie van and chocolate icecream/cake/block/donut too many.  So a win after all.  And I ask you, how many pubs have you been in to have the NRL premiership trophy just turn up unexpectedly?  GO STORMERS!!!!
But not only am I off topic, an NRL premiership trophy walking into the local pub is no reason to start hanging around the bar on a daily basis just in case it happens again.

SO!  Back to junior masterchefs had a day of gorging themselves on Showbags and had a Mcdonalds meal this week.  Mr 11 has experienced the body switch with clean eating and has suffered a little for going back to the Dark Side of sugar by feeling ill.  Miss 8 is borderline. And neither want to go back to Maccas again in a hurry ( YAY!!!!!!)
The Reuben wrap was the big winner for lunches here, even with the junior members.  It will definitely be a staple lunch for us. Quick and easy and TASTY!  Apple tarts are a winner as ever and for myself, the Breakfast crumble with cinnamon yoghurt was a FANTASTIC way to start the day.  Just delicious. 

The misses this week....not so fussed on the eggplant and capsicum ricotta wrap for lunch.  I think next time I'll take the time to chargrill it fresh instead of using the jar ones.  No matetr how much you drain on paper towel, I still feel a little oily after eating it.

On a final note...the vegan healthy muffins...not only GREAT for brekky but GREAT for chucking in a bag when you are rushing out the door to a cricket clinic with ravenous children.  Add a flask of lemongrass and ginger tea and you could be sitting on the posh lawns commenting on the cricket at Lords, rather than watching a bunch of 9-11 year olds run around an oval in Geelong.  For 3 1/2 hours.  Cricket is a test of a mothers patience.


An up and down week....missed 2 workouts at the gym and I have been climbing the walls.  Unfortunately, all the planning in the world ( and believe me if anyone can cut a millisecond in half and find time to pull out of the air, it's me) could not avoid these things.  But I wasn't just sitting on my backside.  I still managed to do pushups (especially for the 100 day pushup challenge I'm taking part of ....thanks Ute for organising!), running and walking around various ovals, a few pullups on the monkey get the idea. 

I've also joined a running group!  I went to visit the Point Cook Running group on Saturday with my husband Troy.  We indulged in a 3k warm up jog, some drills and speed intervals before setting off on a tempo run for 3 km, 4km or 5km.  After a chat and rest it was the 3 k jog back which seemed WAY shorter than the jog there!  They meet through the week too so I'm put that on the calendar too.  Felt so good to run and be with others who take it way more seriously than me but are so supportive!

Started deadlifts this week too, under supervision.  Now this isn't on the program but something I wanted to try and do for myself. The heaviest I can lift for 1 rep is 60 kgs, a feat I'm supremely proud of!  My goal was to lift more than my bodyweight and I did on the second try!  To do more reps though I'm lifting 45kg with 12 reps. I feel like a mega tough chickybabe! 

You have been warned.

Even for a slack week, I have a couple personal bests.....I'm pushing hard when I go to gym to workout and I'm proud I am still seeing improvements in strength. I know there will come a time that nothing improves but I will know it's not for want of trying hard enough!

Seated shoulder press with dumbells    9kg
Leg extension machine                       34.5 kg

Weekly Surprise

This week we had to share our mindset lesson, something we have learned.  I did this via video, filming off the computer which accounts for the dodginess! It was also difficult to keep it within the 30 sec to 1 minute timeframe!
 This is something I repeat to myself constantly, and something I need to remember because it's just too easy to give up.  NEVER GIVE UP.  If you give up, you might as well be dead. Nothing will change, there's no forward movement, no dreams, no hope, no goals. Nothing.

So back into it all tomorrow!  Workouts for the week are planned, meals are organised, mind is ready. Let's do it.
Feel free to leave a comment below too!  I love reading what you guys think :) And you have no idea how your words help me stay on track and keep motivated myself!

I leave you with the BEST sign ever in the world.  And I plan on producing bucketloads this week.

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