Saturday, 4 August 2012

Week 9 Reflection

I could title this The Down hill run!....Only a few weeks left for this round and that trip to Perth is looking happily closer and closer!!!

Menu plans

This week had some interesting meals but the judgement from the Junior Masterchefs is what counts so here goes.

Two thumbs up for the tomato, feta and olive pizzas.  The base is CRUNCHY and crisp, the kids LOVED making their own, twice over! Had to have been good if there were seconds involved :) 

Myself, I loved the bircher muesli...on the cold mornings I gave it a quick little zap in the microwave to make it warm and it was delicious....amazing to taste the sweetness just from the apple rather than refined sugar.  It has become a favourite breakfast here too, so long as I remember to mix it up the night before!

I have only a small of the meals I used to love, steak with creamy mushroom sauce has become a meal I struggled with, because through clean eating my tastes have changed.  The cream sauce now is too rich for me!  I dislike the oily mouthfeel so I'll be trialling a different tomato/chilli based sauce for myself around the same calories.  Watch this space for the results! 

Exercise plans

Holy Moley!!!!!!  The 'theme' for the next 4 weeks is Let's get ripped.  Lordy, I feel ripped apart!  The reps have gone up, the weights have gone up and the workouts are roughly half an hour longer. You know it's been hard when I have to ask someone else to unclip my bra because my arms just can't do it!
Having said that, I'm loving it....except the hamstring curl machine.  It's all out war between us and it seems to be winning so far.

But focus on the successes....I am now doing 100 kg on the leg press machine and deadlifted my bodyweight.  Very happy with that.  
This week mentally, I was feeling pressure.  I had fallen into the trap (again!) of comparing myself to others who have put fantastic photos of their efforts on facebook. They've worked so hard and there were abs popping out everywhere, it was motivational but then the perfectionist in me starting whining again....because I don't look like that....YET!    I really have to stop comparing myself  to others.  Some have been doing this for longer than myself, all of us are different so we experience different results.  I am learning to shift my focus back onto myself rather than others opinions.

So to help with this mindset,  I busted out this old dress from my wardrobe.  I kept it because I loved it and it was my first 'grown up' dress....bought from Cue design when I was 15/16 years old in 1987/88 I think. I know I definitely had it in 1988. Anyway I tried it on.....

So what do you know?  IT FITS!  EASILY!!

SSS challenge and weekly surprise

Now at the time of writing I haven't done SSS challenge.  That's tomorrow's workout and since it's labelled Jelly legs I am expecting difficulties driving home!  Really looking forward to it legs are my strongest part I think and it feels good to work them.
The weekly surprise challenge was to create a videoblog.  Now I struggled with this like you wouldn't believe. I am so technologically DUMB but having 3 days at home with a sick child meant I had plenty of time to fiddle, curse, restrain myself from throwing the damn computer out the window.....and to create this.

My final thought for us all today......


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