Saturday, 11 August 2012

Week 10 Reflection

As I headed into the final few weeks, I started really looking at what changes have been made in my life.  Also, had a little panic attack at myself for not being where I thought I'd be and looking how my over-glamourous mind thought I'd look (who knew 10 weeks was not long enough to change my short blonde curly head into sexy wavy raven long locks through diet and exercise? LOL) So I had to give myself a visual reminder.....

Menu Plans

MMMMMMMM  a good week for eating :)  But the most surprising was the fish stew.  I have to say, when I saw that on the plan  FISH STEW I went erk.  Yuk.  Erky yuk. But willing to give anything a go once, I made it.
Couldn't even take a picture of it, it just looked not that fabulous, as compared to the other meals we've enjoyed.  It smelt good for sure, but visually, I was worried about the Junior Masterchefs opinion when I put it on the table.  But whether due to my earlier crabbiness or their hunger, they tried it without a murmur.  And it got a big........

The only difference was we used swordfish instead of basa fillets.  They held their shape really well during the cooking, didn't take too long and I'm thinking we'll have that one again.

Exercise Plans

Another hard week of workouts....each one taking between 1 1/2 hours and 2 hours.  I noticed I handled the weights better than last week and was VERY impressed with myself during shoulder presses, seeing how GREAT those muscles in my arms looked!  Taking my phone next week to get a pic and I'll show off a bit ;)

I joined one of my favourite classes, Body Attack, after not going for so long.  I'd been focusing on the weight sessions instead.  OMG!  It nearly killed me!  A class that I used to be able to do no worries, had me begging for mercy in my head 3/4 of the way through!  So I'll be doing a little more cardio in the future, to get that intense fitness back up.

Wednesday was an interesting was a cardio day and I happily ran my interval sprints.  I LOVE running.  Then came the X trainer bit and ......yep...sick.  Worked myself sick!  I have a new appreciation for the contestants on Biggest Loser who end up throwing up.  I finished off the session very green and sorry for myself.  My husband knew I wasn't well because I didn't speak to him all session.....bit concerned about a repeat performance if I opened my mouth! 

SSS and Weekly Surprise

This weeks SSS was the same as last weeks....and I LOVE IT!  There was no illlness this time like on Wednesday ;)  And I even got a comment from one of the trainers who was watching me....along the lines of " How can you not be wiped out after that?!"  I must hide it well...or he needs glasses, there was liquid awesome dripping off my arms!

The weekly challenge was to take a pic of our 1000 calorie workout and of ourselves during or after.  I worked out by myself today so got my son to take a pic of afters. I was banking on the SSS bringing me to the magic 1000, Lord knows I worked hard enough!  But I only hit 700!!!!  So off I went for a run to make up the the rain.
I had to make it fun because why else would you run if it wasn't fun?

I wish!!!!

So I used my music as a type of interval training...or rundancing as I called it.  I kept my feet to the beat of whatever music was laying in my Ipod, which was great when I was listening to 'Forget You' by Cee Lo Green, a bit challenging when Spiderbait's ' Black Betty' came on followed by Wolfmother's 'Joker and the Thief'.  I busted a move to Michael Jackson's ' Don't blame it on the boogie' and found a good rhythm with Greenday's 'Minority.'  It certainly made it fun and interesting because I never knew what would come up next!  I finished on Johnny Cash's ' Folsom Prison Blues' and with 1002 cals done.....and disappointment the run had ended!

So next time you are walking or running, give that a go!  Better yet, take a friend and bust a move together!!! Wish I could do this though......without falling off!

And your Final Thought for this week.....

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