Saturday, 18 August 2012

Week 11 Reflection

Started off GREAT and has ended with an Ow......and an unofficial nomination for the most Inspirational Person.

Menu plans

This week was FULL of deliciousness and the inner Scotsman inside me was VERY appreciative of the huge bowl of hot porridge for breakfast a couple of times this week!  Sweetened with grated apple and a little was the breakfast that kept me going for hours and hours.  One of the best.  I was, however, alone in my love for porridge......

Dinner wise it was good but we deviated a little on Friday night with a guest over for dinner.  We made Home made Split pea and ham soup in the slow cooker so yes, the house did smell like fart for most of the day but it tastes SOOO GOOD! Especially with this freezing rainy weather we've been having and only 97 cals a serve.  Plenty of calories left over for the toasted turkish bread and a sneaky drinky!

Have to say lunches were good too but I cannot make a wrap to save my life, without it all falling apart.  So now I just have a 'wrap salad' as in all the filling is made into a salad and I have the wrap bread on the side ;)

Exercise plans

Another week of hard and heavy and this week was much easier than last week.  Unfortunately though, during our Friday morning workout, I noticed my right shoulder was a little sore.  After today's SSS it is a big pain.  Resting it for the rest of today and tomorrow and taking it easier on shoulders next week to see if that helps.  I've been pretty happy to have made it this far before having any trouble at all!

Here's some photos this gorgeous husband Troy took his camera along for some progress shots on Fridays workout...Back, shoulders, triceps and biceps.

The first shot is wonky!  I'm too short and had to stand on the seat to reach the bar to pull down to start.  Normally Troy does it for me but he was otherwise this is me trying to get my seat sorted!
Lat pulldown drop set 36 kilos immediately followed by 30 kilos.

 The X Men move!  Mid Cable reverse flys with 9 kilo weights either end. Note to self... Love, you've lost a lot of cms around your waist, hips and butt.....BUY SOME NEW GYM PANTS....YOU GOT SAGGY WRINKLY BUTT PANTS!
 Cursed shoulder presses...another drop set.  I only did 7.5 kilo dumbbells then immediately down to 4 kilos.  Could feel my shoulder starting to pinch around about here.

A favourite...hammer curls with 6 kg dumbbells.  This was followed by bicep curls with a 15 kg barbell
 Hands down favourite leg french presses with a 9 kg dumbbell

So just a few progress shots!

SSS and weekly challenge

Today's SSS workout was card playing again.  A different exercise for each suit, all royals = burpees.  There were a LOT of royals in the first half of the pack! I love this workout though, for all the despair whenever I turned over another royal card.  It's fun, it is something different all the time....if you shuffle the pack well enough LOL..... and a great cardio boost!  This is definitely something I will do on days I can't get to gym or I'm away on holidays.  A take anywhere type of thing!

The weekly challenge was to nominate an inspirational member. But what I really wanted to do was nominate Troy.  So here's my unofficial nomination for Troy.

Troy is the most patient man in the world. Not only does he work fulltime, study parttime, coach junior footy and find time for me and our 4 children but he gets up at 5 am with me to go workout or goes to bed at 10 pm with me after a workout.  He does his sets and even though he's worked hard, he still spots me, and corrects my technique. 
When I get the munchies, he's there to talk me down from the Mars bar, and to talk up a yoghurt or nut snack. Which is exactly what I wanted to eat as it turned out.
He drives me to funruns here there and everywhere, watches the kids while I run and has started competing himself. He is positive, and gentle when I need it, when I'm hitting that wall and feeling not good enough ( far too often), he gives me a leg up to get over it.
Working out doing the Lean and Strong program has not just toughened our minds, cleaned up our eating and worked our bodies but it has deepened the respect and love for each other we share, shined up and rejuvenated our marriage and now it feels WAY weird for either of us to do a workout without the other.
Troy if I could I'd give you a medal and a big cheque.  I'd write how inspirational you are to me to keep going and not disappoint you or myself in the stars for all the world to see. But since I can't do any of those, I have a pic of you below and my deepest love for the rest of our lives.  I cannot ever thank you enough, even if I lived for a thousand years.

I think all us Awesome people need someone AWESOME in our lives.....who is your AWESOME person?

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