Tuesday, 14 August 2012

So whose fault is it?

Let's play a game......it's called...

The rules are simple.  Find anything you don't like in your life and the reason behind it....but it must NEVER be your fault!

I'll take healthy living for 100 points.

I gained weight because I was unhappy.  And that was my parent's fault for everything that did or did not happen as a child, my children's fault for the stress they put me under, my husband's fault because I was lonely after moving interstate, my friends' fault for not calling.

I ate a lot of chocolate because it's my parent's fault for giving me sweet stuff all the time when I was a child, everyone's fault because I was unhappy and the dog's fault because if I took him for a walk it took me past the shop where I would buy the chocolate.

I ate a lot of fast food because it was Maccas fault for being cheap, and it was everyones fault for making me too tired to be bothered to cook.  It was my children's fault they didn't appreciate my cooking and my husband's fault he didn't help with the cleaning up by doing it all for me so I could sit on my lard arse.

When I was diagnosed as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre diabetic, it was the fault of the companies like Maccas who made burgers and fries that I ate, it was the fault of the shops for stocking the shelves with lollies and chocolates right at the checkout, it was the weathers fault for not ever being perfect enough to do anything, it was my family history's fault as it has to be genetic.........


Get the idea?

I'm sure I could go on and on and on... I was the QUEEN at making it someone else's fault. At anything!

But you know, noone was putting that food in my mouth.  No one made me chew it and swallow it.  Noone MADE me buy it. I CHOSE to.

I CHOSE to buy that food.  I made a conscious decision to eat it. I CHOSE to wallow in loneliness and not call anyone. I CHOSE to whine about first world problems in my childhood when they weren't problems at all.  Just me, noone else. It was time to take responsibility.

So I did.  I started with my frame of mind. I CHOSE to accept responsibility for what I thought and said. I CHOSE to focus on positive thoughts rather than the hatefilled ones that were there before.  I chose to speak as positively as I could.  I CHOSE to read authors that would inspire and uplift me.  I CHOSE to get out of the house and enjoy life with my husband and my children. And the result of those choices, over a period of years,  led me to be a happier and calmer person to be around.

I then CHOSE to join the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. I CHOSE  to make a commitment to do what she asked with the eating and the exercise. When I met with opposition from some friends and family I CHOSE  to keep going anyway.  And the result of that choice?  A healthier me, a healthier family , being able to wear whatever I want and a weight loss to give me a smile on my dial. :)

Ultimately I CHOSE to take responsibility for myself. I chose to look after myself and to stop blaming the world for what I did, felt and thought. And in taking responsibility for myself, I found self worth, self esteem, self respect and a helluva lot of AWESOME inside!

So what do you choose?  Is it time to stand up, grow up and be the designer of your own life?  Or will you continue letting your Blame Game steal away your happiness, your self respect, your YOUness?

I'm EXTREMELY sure if I have to live this life, then I want it to be on my own terms with my own decisions!!

Let me use Batman to illustrate a point. This is like a before and after picture, but it's of your mind.  The old you ( BEFORE) has no willpower muscle, looks the part but is lacking in the strength of personality and discipline to see it through.  You look a bit...wussy really.

But AFTER...you walk the talk, you accept responsibility.  You have strength of character, self respect and you stand a little taller in the mirror.  You have discipline oozing out of your pores and if you stuff up, well you just pick up from where you left off, not wasting time trying to make it someone else's fault.  You are now AWESOME and everyone can see it and wants a bit of what you got.

So what's it going to be?  Which road will you take?  The road to easy?  Or the road to....

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  1. AWESOME blog post - you took the words right out of my mouth!