Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tick Tock Tick Tock

" I haven't got time!"
" Where's the time gone?"
" Have you SEEN my to do list?"
"I've got too much to do!"
" How could I fit anything else in?"

I've said these and even sung the song more times than I care to remember.  As mum to 4 children, being parttime kinder teacher and wife to a cat breeding/showing,  full time working husband, time is a precious resource in this house!  There is a rare day when my to do list for the day is less than 15 separate items.

And then I decided to change my life and get healthy and fit.  Which meant slotting in time to cook (no fast food!) AND time to workout!! BUT I HAD NO TIME!

But hang on....I had time to sit on Facebook.  I had time to watch TV for the greater part of the night.  I had time to catchup with friends for coffee several times a week. I had time to wander around the shops for no particular reason. I had time to read books while waiting for the kids to finish their sports.


As it turns out, every single person has the same amount of time every day.  24 hours. 1440 minutes.  86400 seconds.  We all get the same. What makes the difference is what we DO with it.

I chose to get organised.  I wrote down everything on a calendar, kids sports, other obligations and my workouts.

  I learned to spot opportunites. Waiting for the 60 minute footy/cricket/gymnastics training to finish? Run laps around the oval or around the facility. Stuck at home?  Pop one of Mish's DVDs on.

I got organised with my own time.  I looked ahead. I need to fit in 6 workouts a week. Work meeting coming up on Tuesday night?  Go to bed early on Monday night, get up an hour earlier Tuesday morning and smash it out then. Need to go in early on Thursday?  Move a gym workout to the night or do one at home after work. Got appointments to keep? Walk to them or break your workout up into 30 minute bursts...and do one lot in the morning and one at night. I PLAN AHEAD.

I still get time to window shop, read, meet up with my friends but I'm more efficient at making time work for me.  I can truly say I don't waste time unless I want to and I am rarely heard to say now I NEED MORE TIME!

Time is not an excuse. You have the choice in what you do with your time for the most part. It's up to you what you do with it.  And let me tell you, if you don't have time to do something positive about your health now, then you'd better get organised to have time to be in hospital and to be sick....and I'm damn sure that will take more than just 1 hour a day!


So will you?  Will you make the time for a healthier, stronger you?

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