Monday, 19 August 2013

Flying solo

So my first week of flying solo has gone...not so well, with circumstances out of my control.

I've switched back to doing weights as my foot is still not healed enough to run.  It's having a nice long rest while I lift heavy things for the next 12 weeks.

I am loving the weights.  I love how my mind feels when I run, but I love how my body feels when I lift.

Using a Lean and Strong program from 2011, I am concentrating on form and not rushing through the sets. Even so I was surprised to see most of the workouts this week were less than an hour.  Due to a staff meeting on Friday afternoon ( my gym time before school pickup), I did a double workout on Wednesday before work and finished in plenty of time.  I'm sure this will change afterwards and my legs were SMASHED that day....but all for good cause...and I am starting to feel strong again.

Noe for circumstances out of my control.....well, after 3 weeks of a bad cough getting progressively worse and seeing 3 different doctors, I finally have a diagnosis.

The first doctor told me I had a bad cough and if I couldn't breathe then I should not cough so hard.

The second doctor gave me some general antibiotics and told me not to cough so hard.

I then taped an episode of coughing on my phone.

The third doctor heard about 5 seconds of the tape and immediately took action for whooping cough....throat swabs, nose swabs, bloods and some serious horse pills and steroids to take, thankfully which now, after 2 1/2 days of medication has taken the choking and most of the 'whooping' away.

And all this gym, no workouts for at least 5 days.....and I have to say, while I really want to go do something, I feel so weak and tired from interrupted sleep and unwellness, as well as restricted breathing, it's an effort to do anything.

I would not wish this on anyone, it feels as if I am drowning from the inside, and I dread the next cough and the struggle to get air in. Everything aches with the effort of trying to not cough and then, ironically, coughing. I could look at it as a great core workout LOL.
And the not so great could last another week, it could last another 3 months.

So for this next week at least, it will be more about keeping an eye on nutrition rather than exertion. I have set myself times to eat as I have next to no appetite, and formulated a meal plan to make sure I get what I need. And rest, rest, rest.......It's not the best start to my next 12 week period but it's no reason to quit.

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