Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Finale weekend....Part 1

Last weekend was the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation finale weekend, held in Adelaide.  And didn't Adelaide know it!

Hundreds of people flew in from all over Australia and the world to take part in a group workout and the Gala party afterwards.  Seeing as how it was coinciding with our wedding anniversary, Troy and I decided to fly down on the Friday and take in what Adelaide does best.....wine.

We took a 'Bums on seats' tour and they were amazing. Gary, our driver gave us a running commentary on everything Adelaide.  The tour was small, about 9 of us in total and during the course of the trip, we found out that 7 of us were 12WBTers.....LOTS to talk about.

Group shot at the first winery, Te Aro
Can you spot the two who were NOT part of 12 WBT?

The wineries were generous and the group VERY merry. We visited 4 wineries in total (I think) and lunch was at a pub. It didn't just centre around wine though, mead, cider and beers were all tried as well.
Have to say though, selfies at the third winery were....interesting.
One too many?  NEVER

Our trip ended with a visit to Maggie Beer's farm shop and the tastings there were beyond description. I would LOVE to go back and eat there one day, everything looked, smelled and tasted delicious. This was the one stop the WHOLE bus insisted we make.

Before we remembered we have to try and fit everything into our bags to bring home....
On the way home, we drove through and around Port Adelaide which was interesting....but getting dark it was getting hard to see, plus I may have had a little nana nap....

Back at the Hotel later (Grand Chancellor on Hindley) we discovered that booking a hotel online may mean you are residing in the middle of the city Red Light district. 
 It was INCREDIBLE.....so many sheesha bars blowing sweet smelling smoke over the whole area, bars full of life, mounted police having chats, it was like being in the middle of a huge party and the whole city was invited. We ate tapas and drank cocktails at a little bar and spent the rest of the time walking up and down the street just looking. AMAZING vibe.

But, with the workout looming early tomorrow, and us being awake for 18 hours already, it was time to flop into our beds and sleep the sleep of the content.....or exhausted.

So ends Part 1......part 2, The Workout and The Party to come :)

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