Sunday, 18 August 2013

Finale part 2...workout and party

After far too little sleep, Troy and I got ready for the days workout, held at the Adelaide showgrounds....after the obligatory gun shot of course...

A quick breakfast later and we were on our way.

It was a gorgeous day....for an indoor workout. The registration process was quick and we were in the room.  I was so excited I popped out a little cartwheel....totally suprised myself AND my husband.

There was a wall of sponsor stands selling so many different things....wish there was a oneactiv sports wear stall.  A stage was in the centre of the room, ready for Michelle's workout, the fashion parade, a yoga demonstration and a 'form' demonstration as well as the finals for the fitness challenge.  Around the sides of the room were various fitness challenges....planking, pushups, shuttleruns and so on.
This greeted us as we walked onto the grounds

Getting ready for the pushup challenge.

Troy and I both tried the pushup challenge....I managed 45 full depth pushups in 60 seconds which I was pretty happy about, considering I had done far less strength work this round than before.

The yoga class demonstration was heaps of fun.  I appreciate yoga and while my balance is fairly good, my flexibility is not. Yoga can be hard work.  Proud of Troy who popped out a beautiful crow pose amidst the falling bodies of the rest of us LOL

Beautiful shot of my tutu bum, with Troy to the right.

And then...the big moment, Michelle Bridges came and put us through a fantastic workout...just brilliant.  I really wish I'd been in her fitness classes before she became famous, they would have been BRILLIANT.   That woman can tuck jump like a demon....and smile the whole time.
 High fiving the Queen herself

Reverse planking, part of the workout

All too soon it was over and far from feeling tired, I felt like I could take on the world...GO ENDORPHINS!

Ahem....didn't stop me having a nana nap before the big party that night though :)

And now the party....I had my fabulous dress from Ebay which cost around $30 but looked like a million bucks. It was a corset type dress, requiring Troy's patience to lace me into it, but totally worth it. Popping on my top hat ( I love a good hat) we walked the red carpet at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Man, my husband is a good looking man!

Those who have read my blog before will note, yes, same shoes for every Finale party since 2011.

A curtain of lights greet us as we walk in, just fantastic.

The party was great, awards handed out for the most inspirational people and some of those stories were amazing.  My favourite would have to be the lovely lady from NSW who raised $26 000 for a family.  The mother was struck with cancer and then when her baby was 2 months old, suffered a stroke as well. Just heart wrenching.

It was a great opportunity to catch up with old and new friends from all over Australia...
Wandering entertainers


Troy and the Lean and Strong Pirates, including 2 winners of the Most Inspirational award.

The night flew past....and like Cinderella we were all packed off before Midnight, loot bags in hand filled with fantastic products...lindt chocolate anyone? Unlike Cinderella, a large number of us ended up in the cocktail bar at the Sebel to continue on.

Eventually though, considering we had to be up at 5 to catch our flight home, the party had to end. As the buzz went , a little bit of sadness crept in.  It was over. My last finale party for a while, my last round for a while.  Can I keep it going by myself? Do I have the self discipline and self determination?

Time to find out.

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  1. You'll smash it on your own Kristine!!! Can't wait to see your progress over the next few weeks x