Sunday, 4 August 2013

A new kind of normal.

Another 12 week block is over, another 12 weeks of following brilliant exercise plans and eating delicious meals has passed. While I am not signing up for another round of Michelle Bridges 12 Week body transformation (yet!) until after I hit my goal of running a marathon, I am continuing on what I have learned about nutrition and exertion. As a matter of fact, it's been so long now, i don't think I could live any other way.

The gym has become a second home, the streets and bike paths I run on have become my place of comfort. The food I eat is clean, fresh and minimally processed. The goals I set are challenges and far reaching, but I KNOW I can do them. The thoughts I have are strong, and when they weaken and I turn on myself, it's not so much a struggle to get back to my new kind of 'normal'.

I'm no longer scared about the Big Bys weights room, the top speed on the treadmill and I also know how to FINALLY use this....LOTS of ways...
Normal used to be sitting on the couch watching tv.  Now normal is wondering why I have a couch, I'm very rarely on it.  Normal was where the pizza shop down the road knew my name AND my order. Now, I have no idea who it was behind the counter the other night.

Normal used to be not starting anything because I was scared I'd fail. Now it's bring on all comers.

Normal used to be this.

Now normal is this:

And what was the result from this last 12 week block?  Below is the before and after picture. Not much change but it's still happening.

In these last 12 weeks I have run a half marathon in my best time of 1 hour 59 mins 14 seconds.
 I saw my 9 year old daughter set herself goals just like mum, and smash them.  We climbed all over the Grampians, rode 10km on bikes and ran 2 km together.

I lost 2% of my bodyweight and 19 cms this round....3cm from chest, 5cm from waist, 3.5 cms from hips, 0.5 cms from my arms and 7cms from one thigh alone.  And yet ultimately my weight has maintained, hovering between 49 and 50 kgs. I must be doing something right ;)

I would not change the past two years for anything. My body, my mind and my life has changed so completely. My family are so much healthier and happier.
I have visited spots in Australia I would never have thought of before and loved them.  I have climbed the Harbour bridge, ran along the Busselton pier, ran around the streets of Melbourne and who knows WHAT I'll get up to on the streets of Adelaide next week. You have been warned.

IF you ever wondered what life would be like, or how you would fit it all in, or even how to start.....go to here...

It's easy. It will change your life and you will never regret it.

Find a new kind of normal.

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