Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Though she be but little...


You betcha she is.

That quote is from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and refers more to temper...well I have plenty of that.

But I like to look at that quote, that line in a different way. Fierce for me means passion. And I am passionate, FIERCELY passionate about being healthy and helping others to do the same.

I never was that way inclined.....I could easily take it or leave it when it came to exercise and as I've often said before, my exercise was minimal.  When I started going to gym regularly though, I found those endorphins at the end of a good class weren't a myth, they were an addictive drug. That feeling I got when I was lifting weights was a mental boost.  And the freedom and supreme joy I feel when out running makes it all worthwhile.

And funny enough...people don't believe me. They think it must be genetic or I was just born a runner. I'm not genetically programmed to like exercise or to be a runner. I just did it over and over again and it clicked one day that I am actually liking this and missing it when I can't go. I've been up the back of the class feeling and looking like a nitwit, going the wrong way in Zumba class or punching myself in the face in Body Combat. Several times in fact. 

But I went back and kept trying. In fact the hardest thing I found to do was to get out that front door. Once I did that, the rest was easy. 

Healthy eating has taken over too.  It USED to be I'd look forward to Friday Night wine.....and a couple of bottles later I'd start to relax. Now I'm in bed by 9 after having a wineglass of lime and soda water. I find myself craving an apple instead of lollies, and my tastes have changed from wanting sweet to wanting fresh clean tastes. Cooking with fresh veges and seeing all those colours gives me a little smug smile of self satisfaction inside.  And yet noone believes that tastes can change. I hope a number of people I know don't get stranded on a desert island....since they can't 'live' without chocolate or wine or hot chips, they might as well curl up right then and there. I used to be that person.

Now don't go pointing those fingers at me...I still enjoy maltesers, or a glass of bubbly and The Park Hotel has THE BEST HOT CHIPS IN THE UNIVERSE (just to let you know) but I don't eat them every day....or even every week. I'm content to have them as a treat every now and then.

Speaking of treats, since when did we become dogs needing a treat every time we do something? "I just finished the groceries, buy a chocolate bar to reward myself for job well done", " It's been a hard day, a glass of wine will make it feel better" ( go for a run in the fresh air, you'll feel ACRES better) " Life's too short not to treat myself with a soft drink (diet or otherwise) with every meal" Well yup, you are right, keep eating and drinking that crap and life WILL be too short.

So I apologise if I have bored you with my talking/blogging/being healthy.  I just feel so INCREDIBLE I want you to feel the same way.

I won't apologise for putting on my crankypants when teased or otherwise about how I live. I have found my passion. And I will....

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  1. Heya
    I can relate to this. I had an argument with my brother over the weekend - he said he loves McDonalds and fast food and pizza etc and that no one loves healthy food....my point of view was yes, yes you can....because your taste buds change and you like the effect of healthy food and fast food doesn't look as appealing after all. Needless to say, he didn't understand.
    Good on you for sticking to your guns