Friday, 26 July 2013

Curiousity created the cat...

You know what I love about children? They have a huge '?' in their heads.  Why? How? Where? What?  Their whole world is new and they want to know everything they can about it. And more.

Children are curious. And with curiousity comes CHANGE.

Galileo was curious about the heavens and made the discovery that the earth was the not the centre of the universe, but the sun. HERESY cried the Church and found him guilty, imprisoning him under house arrest for the rest of his life.  The Church burned as many copies of  his book about this discovery as they could and yet, within a generation, Galileo's discovery was widely believed among the educated that the sun was indeed the centre.  A change in the thinking of the world, from a man's curiousity.

How many of us would watch an apple fall from a tree and wonder why it didn't fall upwards, or sideways, or at all? Then work out the mathematical equations needed to form the law of gravity?  A curious mind would, and Isaac Newton had that. And look at all that has opened up since in the hundred of years following.

We all learn through curiousity.  With that learning, we change, in so many ways.

I joined Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body transformation out of curiousity to lose weight and learned about exercise and nutrition. This lead to a whole change in how I thought, what I believed and my lifestyle.

 I was curious about what food tasted like when it wasn't processed, salt/sugar laden or drowning in preservatives or additives. I learned I love the texture and taste of clean foods and now have changed to the point that eating fast food makes me feel ill, and that I often crave an apple or some green vegies.

People tell me they could never be a runner and ask me how I do it.  Well, I wondered if I could run and tried it. I wondered how far I could run so I tried it. The next time I wondered if I could run further and so on. Curiousity led me to trying funruns from 4kms to 5 kms, to 10, 15 and 21.1 kms.  Soon curiousity will drive me to see if I can run 42.2 kms. And somewhere in between, I changed.....I turned from someone who avoided exercise as if I was anaphylactic to it, to someone who plans her life around the next long run.

Never lose your curiosity. By asking myself " What if?" my life changes in innumerable ways. If I didn't ask myself those questions, if I never wondered, I would not have changed, I'd still be stuck in that rut I'd made on the couch.  I would never have found confidence in myself, new friends, new tastes and ways of living, a new me. I would not have new dreams and new achievements, new plans and goals, if I had not been curious.

Or look at it this way, which are you like, the stagnant pond or the  free flowing water? The pond doesn't change and so it begins to rot, to die, harbour disease, to shrink and stink. The free flowing water constantly changes with the flow, which flushes out the old and is everchanging with new, keeping the water clean and clear and full of life.  I know what I'd rather drink from. 

Being curious is exciting, one never knows where it will take us. But the adventure in finding out is half the fun.  Ask yourself...."why?" or " I wonder if......" and SEE. What have you got to lose?

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