Thursday, 11 July 2013

The down side to running... other people.

I'm out on a run, the sky is clear, air is great, I'm feeling brilliant. Running on the footpath, enjoying my 'happy place' in my mind when....

Thanks dude.  Like that was so original. And just what I needed to hear....NOT.

That makes this quote my most hated one of all time.  But it's better than what I've had called out to me before...

"Your arse is still big" or "Your arse is still behind you."
"Show us your tits" (Seriously?  I'm 41 and had 4 children.  If I could find any, I still wouldn't show you)
" You're going the wrong way"

Oh, the intelligence of the average male who WOULD call out from the car astounds me.

What does scare me are the screamers or honkers  The ones who drive past at speed, lean out the window and lean on the horn,  roar or scream at you on the way past. They really rattle me, although to find the positive, the adrenaline makes for some good run times.

I'm luckier than others.  I've not had anyone throw anything at me. Waterballoons, water bottles, rubbish and thongs I've heard of being turfed out the window of a passing car onto a runner.  Nice.

What is your problem, random man? Because it is usually males who do this, and never on their own. What's the point without an audience, right? You are the reason I don't run on the footpath as much as possible, preferring bicycle tracks. I don't wear my ipod for music when I am running on the road, I need my ears open for idiots who think swerving or revving in my direction is funny. I'm not in your way, or on the road. So what gives?

Does the sight of a 154 cm woman running make you feel guilty? Does it make you feel superior to be in your car while I'm using my feet? Do you get a little thrill or laugh scaring the crap out of me?

Whatever the reason, I hope it's not an indication of your intelligence although I suspect I may be hoping in vain.

I'm bemused a little as to why walkers are left alone but cyclists and runners cop it. Also bemused as to why someone doesn't yell out something positive? How about a bit of " GO FOR IT" or " LOOKING GOOD"?

Or how about leaving a little happiness on the path with chalk? Something like " You Go Girl", " You are doing AWESOME" or " KEEP GOING YOU ARE DOING GREAT"

Next run, I'm taking chalk with me.......I'd rather pass on the happy than to be part of the sad. Because it IS sad, that humour has to be found in the negative, that people cannot be appreciated or cheered for what they do, but rather ridiculed. That's not humour, it's just sad.


  1. Great post, and so sad that this is true. I'm not a runner, but as a cyclist I know what you mean about the idiots on the road!!! And I definitely think there is a bit of guilt they are feeling - probably jealousy of a person out being active while their bodies & minds are idle.

    1. I reckon cyclists cop it's frustrating, unnecessary and in the case of a cyclist, dangerous! I know if someone leaned on their horn or yelled like I've had running, I'd have fallen off my bike.

  2. I think you already know the story where my 50 something MIL was PUSHED off her bike by some 19 yo idiot who leant out the passenger side window and pushed her from her bike. Its a miracle that she's with us at all today.

    I will never understand what is wrong with some people.

    I always feel like yelling out encouragement to runners - but I feel like it always comes across sarcastic due to my accidental bitchy face syndrome.

    1. Do a 2 thumbs up, should combat the bitchy face syndrome LOL. Your poorr MIl I do remember, as I remember the girl who ended up with a smashed collarbone and arm becasue some idiot smacked her backside as she was cycling.....and then just drove off and left her there. I just do not get how stupid people are.

  3. Last year when I was doing the Ride to Conquer cancer I had a young female P plater abuse me whilst stopped at a set of traffic lights. I wasn't even moving and she put the window down and yelled out "Get off the effing road". Sorry, how much tax have you paid you snot nose little cow? I have been paying to use these roads for long enough whether I ride, run, walk, crawl or drive like and idiot.

    It is extremely sad how these bogans think that this is funny or smart but we will never stop it.

    And yes it is very dangerous when on a bike as it can lead to you falling off and then where you fall can be fatal.