Saturday, 3 November 2012

Week 10 reflection

Week 10.  So many of my friends have said time has just flown and you know what?  It has. Only 2 more weeks until end of round. 2 more weeks to reach your goals or to re evaluate. 2 more weeks until I go it alone.

Menu Plans

Yum yum yum yum yum!  Loved the Greek lamb salad for lunch!  And of course, the major favourite with EVERYONE was the Meatloaf!  Miss 8 was particularly partial to the fried rice also, which turned out to be quite handy to cook up ahead of time and portion into containers to eat at Mr 11's cricket game.  I had noticed, because his game went from about 5pm until 8pm, I was starving and snacking at the game....and the potential for overeating was huge.  But now, the plan has been put into place, to make our own 'takeaway' meals.....some of the salad meals or ones that don't need to be eaten hot, and it's proving successful....there's food envy at cricket now too!

Actually, when I first started the meal plans way back when, I got teased at work. But I ignored them even though I was feeling pretty damn annoyed, I persevered and now, I've noticed the other girls are bringing in healthier lunches. One even told me " You're rubbing off on me Kristine!"  I've had them look at my meals with food envy, with it looking and smelling so delicious all the time.  And I'm not ramming the menu down their throats, I answer questions if they ask and they have watched and done the rest themselves. Just goes to show, when food is good, it will change people's minds for them without any 'preaching' or effort on my part!  Plus makes me look good ;)

Exercise plans

Loving the gym although not loving GOING to gym.  Why is it so hard some days just to get out the door and into the gym?  I know I love it when I'm there, I feel good, but some days, I'd rather stick a needle in my eye thean wak out that door.  Still do it though....can't find a needle :)

Regardless of my lack of desire to GO, I have plenty of desire when I'm there.  I got immense satisfaction actually yesterday. I went to gym later than usual so Troy couldn't go with me, I was flying solo.  While I was getting organised in the weight room, there was a man making jokes to the woman who was working out with him....but they were put down jokes along the lines of " You're a girl, you won't be able to lift that" and the reasons why as she was trying to do walking lunges with a 10kg barbell. She was laughing but I was inwardly offended. 

That was what I was thinking! 

So being Friday I set up for my circuit of rear deltoid raises, squat jumps and sumo squats. I pleasantly excused myself to him so I could get the weights I needed.  I could FEEL him looking at me, I'm only little, 49 kgs and 154 cms tall.  I could almost hear his stupid head saying " Playing with the big boy weights now are we?"  I set personal bests for those jumps...15 kgs plate for the jump squats and to add a little flair, I jumped onto the bench as well.  Then 25 kgs for the sumo squats, all bottom halves.  Then after those 3 sets, straight into the shoulder press.....with the 'big boy barbell'  17.5 kgs coupled with a one leg french press of 12.5kgs.

Was that enough?  No, I wanted to prove a point, because I'm quietly narky that way. 

Mr Muscles was huffing and puffing (to my offended little mind, overly much) doing squats on the smith machine. Miss ( or Mrs?) Walking lunges was waiting.  When he finished I asked if I could use the machine. ( what's a few extra squats that aren't on the program?)  " Sure" he said and went to take his weights off.  "No no, leave them they'll be right" I said and added another 10 kilo plate each side so I was doing 60 kgs. And popped them out...with effort certainly and intense focus, but not grunting and huffing, out-squatting him without a nasty word by 20 kilos all up.

Maybe he needs ovaries and a uterus, then he can spend more time lifting people up instead of putting them down.

So now you know what a nasty spirited person I can be with a smile on my face....let's get to personal bests.

Not many this week but there's still some improvement, some helped along by righteous anger LOL.

Bicep curls with barbell   17.5 kgs
Reverse Flys                   9 kgs
Walking lunges with kettlebells  16kgs
Side lunges with dumbbells  12.5 kgs
Squat jumps  15 kgs
Sumo squats   25 kgs
Standing shoulder press with barbell 17.5 kgs.

SSS challenge

Well now, I'm ahead of myself because that is tomorrow....I'm running in the Lara funrun (5 km)  along with my children who are running the 2km kids dash.  I did a training tempo run today but not as hard as I'd like, being careful to save my legs for tomorrow....managed a 3km tempo run in 15 minutes which is about 20-30 secs slower per kilometre than I have run at my fastest. The rest of the run was a 3 k warm up and 3 k cool down with the running club.

Note to myself in slow motion....ANYTHING can look good in slo-mo!

 I never imagined I would love running in a group so much.  I'm one of the slowest ones there  but hey, there is no judging, no impatience and it's run so everyone can take part at the own pace. I can see and feel the improvements through being pushed that little bit more and through the different training we do.  For instance, Tuesday night, we did Harrison Drop downs I think they were called.  Basically it was decreasing distances in runs but at increasing pace for each distance.  By the end I was stuffed well and truly but runninng faster than I thought I ever could.  So worth the feeling of concrete legs in the car!

This week I'm giving you homework.........


  1. I love this - made me giggle thinking of the guy watching you do higher weights than him. And eek if you are one of the slower runners in the club I would get left far behind!

  2. LOVE the gym story!!! GOOD ON YOU for putting him in his place!!!!