Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Today dawned beautifully.  I had a day off, a few errands to run, a quick bit of housework and the day was mine to enjoy.  Gym time was planned for this evening and I thought I'd sneak in a CX class at 11.

BUT THEN.......the phone rang.  It was a friend asking if I wanted to meet up for coffee.  Sure , what a wonderful surprise! Plus, I could take care of those little errands straight after coffee since we were meeting so close to where I needed to be.

An enjoyable hour followed with ginger and lemongrass tea, lots of chat and a LOT of laughter. What a great day.  All the errands were quickly dealt with, no queues!  What a wonderful surprise!  I put in our TAB tickets from the Melbourne Cup and walked out with $40....what a wonderful Surprise!  It was a HAPPY, beautiful  ZIPPIDI DOO DAH type of day.

I walked back to my car and there...that's when the Bluebird of Happiness doo dah'ed on my shoulder.

My poor WonderWoman car!

But wait!  There was the Bluebird embarrassedly and apologetically cleaning it's doo dah off my shoulder....the person who hit my car had left a note under my windscreen wiper.  There are good people in the world. :) Insurance is sorting everything out.  It meant cancelling the rest of my relaxing day but at least, it is fixable. All except my calendar.

I missed CX class. But is that an excuse to not workout?  Today didn't go as planned, should I have a meltdown and take to my bed?  Someone accidentally hit my car, should I scream at her when she came over just so she knows how inconvenient it is?

No. Because through 12 WBT I have learned the art of self discipline, and the ability to be flexible.  I have learned that things don't always go to plan but there is always another day, another hour even to change it.  12WBT taught me I have a CHOICE in how I eat, how I treat my body and how I think and react.

Having the car in for repairs for an indeterminate amount of time is more than inconvenient for those of you who know my flight plans each day. And this week is particularly busy with in laws coming to visit and various long awaited functions to attend tomorrow night and Saturday. Slotting in gym looked like a herculean effort as it was and now, I have to find extra time.  It all seems too hard like I can't do it. Like I want to throw my hands up in the air and give up. Cue dramatic scene.

Enter Choice....stage left. 

I could choose to have a hissy fit and give up and spend all week doing nothing.  Feeling bad and guilty because I'm doing nothing.  And spreading that bad feeling all around me.


I can take a minute.  Accept this is going to be trickier than I first thought, put into practise another tool I learned through 12 WBT and PLAN
And you know what? The plan is good, functional and fits everything in I need to.  It may not be quite what I wanted but it's still doable, once the big picture is broken down into smaller views.

We can plan and organise all we like, but every so often a little doo dah will pop up and throw you off track. You can plan to eat clean for the next week....and walk in to work to a birthday party with a chocolate theme and maltesers raining down. 
You can plan to hit the gym and find that apart from the trick knee playing up again, the power's gone out at the gym and nothing's working. 
You can plan a dinner party for 6 and have 5 struck down with gastro before they arrive and you are left with entree, main and dessert sitting at the table with you lit by a single lonely candle.

What matters is HOW we deal with the doo dah....what choices we make. We make choices constantly every day, every hour, every MINUTE. Everything becomes a choice sooner or later. The trick is recognising the opportunity and making the right choices for us.

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