Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Making the Impossible Possible

You can sit on the couch, watch Biggest Loser on TV
You can blame it on genes or on your family.
Blame it on hormones or the impossibility
Whatever it is, you think " Don't blame it on me'

But you know you have feet, a heart and a brain.
You have a mind to decide if you'll stay the same.
You have free will, it's BURSTING to be free
It's all of those things that made me Me

So I got off the couch and I worked through the pain.
I never gave up, I even ran in the rain.
I am now lifting weights, I climbed mountains and swam
These things also make me who I am.

I do it every day, no matter what.
I believe that I CAN and not I cannot.
I face all my fears and do it anyway.
These fears are small once you smash them Mish's way.

So try it and see, try it like me
Now I no longer watch, I'm the one doing it , see?
I'm the one that's blazing a trail through all obstacles
I took the Impossible and made it I AM Possible.

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