Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Bad Workout

I am having one of THOSE days....a day where nothing goes to plan, time slips away faster than it should and my mood is as grey as the sky.

 Today I was going to run around the You Yangs, a national park near me, on a 16 km track.  I was pumped, I was looking forward to it, it is such a beautiful area. And I woke to this....

Up to you if you want to listen to all 10 minutes of it....

So, the run was out. My program actually calls for weights training today and I was so not in the mood for weights. Inside I was having a mini tanty....I WANT TO RUN THE YOU YANGS, not be stuck inside the gym. So I humphed my way through the morning, and dragged myself to gym.  I was applying the 10 minute rule...go for 10 minutes and if I still am really shlumping my way through it, then go home.

You know as well as I do, that I stayed for the whole hour long weight session, but I did so ungraciously. I grumped. I  procrastinated. I let Phyllis have full rein in my head since we were in agreement about how sucky weight training was today. It seemed to take forever and I was totally over it.

And then it was done. Somewhere in the grumping, the procrastinating, the whingy whiningest moaning I was doing, the workout got done.  And I felt great. Better than great, I felt..
There are always going to be bad workouts. There will always be bad races or training sessions.  Noone ever said they would be bucketloads of joy and rainbows and personal bests every single time. I don't think there is one person in the world that doesn't think at one time or another that they'd really much rather be kicking back on the beach drinking cocktails with Johnny Depp rather than go workout today...(or is that just me?)

Take the words 'good' and  'bad' away and you are left with Workout. It's work. It's a job that gets done. And that is all there is to it.  The 'feel good' part of the workout is a bonus extra when you get it. Getting hung up on how I don't feel 'awesome' or 'in the zone' or even 'motivated' isn't helping get the job done. It doesn't help my mindset for next workout. And it is not an accurate description of a bad workout.  There is only one statement that would accurately describe a bad workout....

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