Thursday, 9 May 2013

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!

Yes, that's right I hit the big 41 last Saturday.....and how did I celebrate?


The celebrations started on Friday....I work in a kindergarten and they had made me a special birthday hat, a plaster cast foot and sang Happy birthday to me while I blew out candles on a pretend cake.  Then my colleague, bless her, had the children clap me for every year of my age.  I pretended not to notice how they lost interest around 32 and the small boy who said " OH MY GOD How many MORE do we have to do?" (Thanks mate)

One of my closest friends came down from Newcastle for the weekend and we went to the Best Pub in the World for pre birthday drinkies.

But the day of my birthday, that was HUGE!  What better way to celebrate than with a couple of thousand of like minded friends?
We were booked in to the Michelle Bridges group workout and arranged to go in fancy we went as the Commando from Biggest Loser.....

with some success on my husband's behalf I believe....there were several women who flocked to him thinking he was the real thing and at this moment is in a helluva lot of photos.

We started with a 20m sprint challenge as a warm up then Troy hit the pushup competition, managing about 70 in 60 seconds. We met up with other fabulous people we had only spoken to via computer before.  We wandered the sponsor stalls.  And then it was a call to the field.

In true Melbourne fashion, it froze, it rained, the sun shone, the wind blew, we froze again, the sun shone again but we were so pumped, nothing short of a full on hurricane would have stopped us.

Michelle Bridges put us all through our paces for an hour, we were stuffed. Spot the Camo!!!

Time to get out of uniform and into GLAM.

The finale party that night was held at Crown Casino with the theme old Hollywood Glamour. And I do say, we met the criteria pretty well.

****BRAG BREAK*****

my dress? $30 from an Ebay store, free shipping....FIND OF THE YEAR! $30 to feel a million bucks!

My gorgeous husband and myself...the King and Queen of Awesome.

And the Beautiful Eilz and myself in the Atrium bar for a pre party cocktail

And yes, we caught up with the Lean and Strong was at a premium!

This celebration was perfect. Over the past year I have transformed so much, gained so much strength, so many new friends, a new way of living and looking at life. I found happiness after searching all my adult life and I found it surprisingly, in me and I what I do.  It was just Universe perfection to have something that has been a HUGE part of my life for the past year and an even bigger part in my Changing of the Ways to culminate in a massive party right on my birthday. To me, it was like the closing of the loop to the way I used to be....

and now it's time to get my awesome on.

See you in August in Adelaide 12WBTers ;)

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