Thursday, 23 May 2013

Something to look forward to

I have been a busy little bee today. And all to the power of fun.

You see, while it's all very well to set goals ( tick), the steps to achieve them ( tick), timelines and plans and various other bits of organisation that requires using my love of lists and ticks ( tick) without adding the element of fun, then it becomes dreary dull boring what's-the -point stuff.


I've signed up for the half marathon, an achievement I am itching to do again. I am logging the kilometres, pounding the road, doing hill intervals and bike sprints and weights to build up my leg power. i know come race day I WILL be ready...I won't win but I will finish and feel awesome at the same time.  But the REAL thing I look forward to is the meetup for celebrations afterwards with the other runners in my running group to celebrate all our distances and sweat, to clink glasses and say " Good race".

Fun Factor.

I ran the Mothers Day Classic last year with my then 7 yr old daughter, her first and our first 4k run together. Exciting and proud moment but what did I look forward to the most?  Running it in Wonder Woman costume together.....Fun Factor.

So, having signed up for the 12WBT again, I look at the nutrition plans each week, and nail the exercise plans each week. I'm hitting my goal targets and working hard.  But the fun....ah the fun will be in Adelaide this August for the finale party.

It's all about the Fun Factor.

So flights have been booked thanks to the good people at Jetstar and their conveniently timed birthday sale.  Accomodation has been booked thanks to the efforts of Julie Trait, her friend and the Grand Chancellor Adelaide. So here's my bed ( I'm sure LOL)....always exciting to sleep in a new bed.

Isn't it just the spot to flop after an hour long workout with Michelle Bridges? And to get glammed up for the cocktail party?

But now the big question of life...what will I wear to the cocktail party?  Well, my good friends in Hong Kong have never failed me with their cheap but striking range of gorgeousness ( just go to Ebay, type in cocktail/evening dresses and hit buy it now to see what amazing dresses there are!) and I have my dress.

But let's wander back through the finale dresses......and give them another day in the sun.

Sydney Finale Round 3 2011
($25 from CT lane shop at local plaza)

Perth Finale round 2 2012, a top 20 finalist dress
($6 no postage from ebay shop in China)

Sydney Finale round 3 2012
($45 from a little shop near our hotel in Sydney)

Melbourne Finale Round 1 2013
($36 no postage again from my Chinese ebay friends)

And now....I give you ( Fanfare please) the Adelaide Finale round 2 2013 dress

($37 including postage from my Chinese friends on Ebay)

(And something you won't be able to notice but in each of the pictures....I am wearing the same shoes...Kate Middleton watch out)

The Fun Factor has risen remarkably. I am BUSTING to get through this round so I can party in a city I've never visited before. Winery tour is still being finalised...can't go to Adelaide without sampling.  It's against the Rules of entry into South Australia.

So when the workouts start to get harder, when the weather gets colder and I'm looking for my motivation, I can look forward and know the Fun Factor is coming, I have something to look forward to.

And as long as I look forward, I will keep moving be the best I can be.


  1. Always love reading your blogs, wondering what will come next, of course it makes sense that you would add the fun factor into your goals! Can't wait to watch the anticipation grow :)

  2. Can't wait to party with you in Adelaide!!! And you'll rock that dress!!

  3. Wow, love the dress for Adelaide, fun factor alright!

  4. Fun factor with all those dresses, and that last one is divine!


  5. You will be smokin hot in your new dress Baby!!!