Monday, 4 March 2013

Stronger than Chocolate

I ran out of milk this morning and popped in the local supermarket to get some.  Bleary eyed, I stumble in and...


First thing in the morning and more than a little bit hungry I was not mentally prepared for the overwhelming displays of chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate high heels ( ??? really?), chocolate in all shapes, sizes, shining away like a beacon to an addict caught in the storm of life.

As I navigated the siren call at the end of every aisle, to get to the milk WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY at the back of the store, I came to a realisation.

I am stronger than chocolate.

I am stronger than chocolate because I do not melt under heat.

I am stronger than chocolate because I maintain my form under pressure.

I am stronger than chocolate because it NEEDS me to eat it to fulfil it's purpose, yet I do not NEED to eat it to fulfil mine.

I am stronger than chocolate because I have a mind and willpower to make a decision to not eat it, where chocolate has no choice in the matter.

I can offer comfort to another person for a lot longer than a chocolate can, won't make you feel guilty and I won't charge you $2.57 to do so.

So, being a strong, empowered reformed chocolate addict, yes, even to the allure of the Malteser bunnies, if I want to continue being strong, why would I feed myself something that is so weak and useless to me? That is of little value and does not continue to empower me?

Hell yeah, it is!

So now I think I will ask myself before I buy a treat or a it strong for me?  Does it have some value to add to me? Is it worth eating, and will fuel me to bigger and better things?

Will it help me be the best possible me?

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  1. awesome. Have just returned from Big W where there are aisles and aisles and aisles of the stuff. I thought, mmm, a cherry ripe egg. Could it get any more tempting. Spent longer than was necessary wondering how I'd get through not just 4 days of Easter but frankly an entire month and now have read this - will carry it with me over the next few weeks and remember your words. Hurray!