Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bringing it back to Simple.

What is it about human beings that we have to complicate matters? I'm a champion at it.  If there was an Olympic event for over thinking and complicating unneccesarily, I would hold the Olympic record for all time. If there is a short way to do something, I will find the longer, harder instinct.

I have been given, by the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation program, a complete nutrition plan, shopping list and exercise program for 12 weeks.  All the advice and support and knowledge I can gain has also been provided. All I have to do is literally follow what is written down.

But can I do that?

I do a little reading in fitness magazines and online articles. "Macro nutrients" they cry " They are the most important for muscle growth!" " Further research ends up with me laboriously listing the protein, carbohydrate and fat content of every single thing I eat and drink. This EASILY takes up to an hour of my day to find all the right ingredients, separate them all and re add them up in the macro nutrients.  I start to feel much maths, so much work and writing and listing....and I want to just give up, it's too hard.

See? I over thought it. All I have to do is follow the nutrition plan as written. They have done all the working out for me! Why am I double- doing the work?

I read so much advice online about the weightlifting program I'm doing.  During my workout I start second guessing my form, my weights, my dedication. Am I doing too many reps on the program ( according to some sources) or am I lifting too heavy for the reps I am doing? Should there be more interval training in the program?  Less cardio?  More cardio? And again, I want to give's too hard, I don't know if what I am doing is right or wrong, effective or ineffective. Too many variables.....

STOP. All I have to do is follow the exercise plan as written.  After all, is this not what I paid for? The program I am following is based on a huge wealth of training experience and is DESIGNED to be a 12 week exercise plan for weights.

Over thinking creates more problems. Over thinking introduces doubt and insecurity to what should be a straight forward approach.

So how did I bring myself back to earth?

I stopped reading the different pieces of advice...I removed myself from those situations. So much knowledge and a lot of it conflicting because it is based on personal preference and/or experience. So I had to ask myself, do I trust in the program given to me?  And since the answer was yes, I removed myself from that which did not support it.

I asked myself, am I achieving my goals?   Those and the fitness test is what I can base my success and progress on.  And yes, I am achieving my goals and improved on my fitness test. So for me, the program, as written,  is working.

I had to stop my all or nothing thinking....there is no right and wrong way in doing what I am doing, except in this case, for form. I had my form checked and it is all good. There are always many different approaches to different goals, and this is just one way I have chosen. Others may choose a different method but this is what I committed to 4 weeks ago.....and have another 8 weeks to go.

 A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, a weight I had placed there unneccesarily. So to add to my motto COMPLETE, don't COMPETE, I'm adding this.

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