Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Perfectly AWESOME

During this weeks 12 WBT mindset video, Michelle Bridges told me , “Your body is perfect.”
“It so is NOT”, I immediately thought to myself, and started half listening to the rest of the video.  Ok fair enough, I get what the lesson was…’s perfect for me, as my husband’s is for him, my neighbor is etc etc. Blah blah blah…but it is certainly nowhere near my ideal of perfect.  Where do I start on the things I want to change? I could never AFFORD to change all the things I want to change!

STOP.  What a negative Nellie I am.

Let’s switch it.

 Since I have been toning, I can feel that I am stronger.  I look stronger. I like the way my muscles feel when I move them and I can feel each individual one in some cases.  I like accidentally seeing myself in the gym mirror and thinking ‘Hey, look at that muscle popping out there…who knew?”  I like seeing how they move when I lift the weights, no matter how hard it is.
Since I have been cleaning up my food, my skin is clearer, my eyes are clearer, I sleep better. I have more energy and my body operates as it should without illness or sickness. I feel lighter, stronger and more in control and disciplined in my self.

I hear this song in my head when I recognize the positives…..or doing bicep curls in front of the mirror LOL.  It’s become my ‘theme’ song…( wait til you see me wiggle HA.)

It is AWESOME at how my body has turned a lifetime of so so eating and some downright hard Friday night sessions ( and Saturday….Sunday….) into strong and healthy, after just changing what I do.  It’s awesome that the times I do go for a burger, at how gluck filled I feel afterwards, or how hot chips, that smell SOOOOO good, make my stomach turn with the taste of the oil.  I’ve gone from a family block of chocolate a day to eating only a few squares because anymore than that and I’m ill. Take a week off to sit on the couch?  After a day I'm climbing the walls, itching to get out and run or lift something heavy....a small child will do....

All this healing and strengthening and operating of my body goes on 24/7 without me being even conscious of it.  Like little mechanics inside, so long as I provide the top quality fuel and building blocks, my body operates like a sleek high performance sports machine.   

And if I listen to my body, it tells me what I need to do.  Feeling hungry?  Up the protein I’m eating or add some extra vegetables.  Feeling tired?  Drink some water, am I getting enough rest? Joints getting a bit stiff?  Extra stretching and maybe a massage is needed. Now that I can read my body signals better, I’m more determined and aware of what I eat and what the effect is on my energy, my body and myself.  I do NOT want to feel like I used to before.  Slow, lackluster, boring.  Not compared with how I feel now…strong, amazing, buzzing.

Stepping on to scales or fitting into clothes doesn't mean as much to me as the feeling in my skin.  I'm no longer afraid of the numbers, because I can feel in myself how my body is responding to the workouts and nutrition.

So am I perfect? You betcha….my body is perfectly AWESOME.

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