Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sunshine on a rainy day

Grocery day today, yuk, BORING! But necessary.  I trudged the first two aisles and then thought, why should I let this one boring job take away my sunshine?  So I made a point of smiling at every person who passed me.

You know what?  Smiling is CONTAGIOUS!

At first, I felt like a fool, smiling at everyone, I got a few double takes ( Crap! Do I know this smiling chick?  Where do I know her?), a lot of smiles back and quite a few 'good mornings.'  I turned a mind numbing weekly chore into fun and hopefully, passed on some of that sunshine to others. Or at the very least, made them wonder what I was up to!

Then I hit the checkout.  If grocery SHOPPING is boring, can you imagine that job! " Hi how are you, do you have an everyday rewards card, cash out?" over and over and over, hundred of times. Scan, beep scan, beep, thousands of times. Shoot me now.  So I tried the smile and jumped in first with a "Good morning, how are you today?"  Well, it was almost like throwing a bucket of cold water on her! I got a smile back and she even picked up a mis-scanned item (helloooo free muesli bars!)  She helped me put the heavy bags in the trolley, asked what I was up to today and we had a quick checkout chat.

After paying, I approached the manager....and told her what a wonderful pleasant staff member she had in Arti ( Werribee Woolworths...great job Arti!) The manager was happy to hear it and assured me she'd pass it on.  More sunshine.

Spread your sunshine around. Why waste a minute of life in blahness? Why accept things to be mundane and boring? Who cares if you smile and they don't smile back or think you're a fool?  They don't know you!! INFECT EVERYONE with your sunshine and you know, you just might make not only your day but theirs that much better.

Go on, smile. I am. And the sun is shining.

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