Friday, 18 May 2012

Earlybird gets the treadmill!

Who's idea was it to get up at 5am to go to gym for a run?  My husband's, bless him, and yes we are still married after that :-)

But he's struck upon some gold there.  It was freezing when we arrived at gym but I knew running would very quickly change that.  The gold is having the treadmill section all to ourselves until 6 am, and seeing only a handful of people in the gym total!

Now those who know me know I HATE running on a treadmill.  Pointless, boring, hot....give me a run along the river any day. But you know, Winter is upon us, it's dark, it's quite often raining and with all the kids winter sports, there just is not enough time to do an outdoor run.  So, after taking a spoonful of concrete, I ran 4 km in 25 minutes at an easy pace.

The biggest gold nugget of all....I walked in cold, dragging and wishing I was still in bed...warm, cosy and snoozing. I left so full of energy I could have lit all the lights at home and then some.  The day started with a smile instead of groans. My housework all done before 8 am which gave me the added pleasure of not only having the rest of the day to watch movies with Mr 11, home sick from school, but also to ride my bike with Miss 7 to school.

So think about it.....

4k early morning run       288 calories

3k school bike run          154 calories

Burning 442 calories before 9am......AWESOME!


  1. I wish my gym opened that early. I have to wait until 6.
    I love the early morning exercise too. It makes the rest of the day fly by normally.

    1. It's a good way to start! I had a clearer head, and waaaay more patience!