Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I DARE you!

" God you are so stupid, why'd you go and say/do a thing like that for?  You're too fat to wear that, you're too old to wear that, who are you trying to kid anyway? Oh my God, would you just look at yourself, you are disgusting, pathetic, a joke, a loser....who would look sideways at you anyway? Why do you even take up room in this world you waste of space?  You're too dumb, too loud, too shy, too selfish.  You look like crap, your hair is crap, your face is crap, your clothes are crap. Who the hell do you think you are anyway?  Noone likes you, they're just being nice. Noone COULD like you, just look at you."

Now if anyone said that to one of my children they'd be picking their face up off the floor.

So why do we say that to ourselves?  Why do we let that little voice in us defeat us, belittle us and kill our soul with every nasty poisonous little word?  Because it IS poison.  It's an insidious poison that when we hear it often enough, we believe it.  We become defeated little people, trudging through a life of unending greyness and blackness.

But what if we decided to stand up for ourselves and change our life? For me, a change came when a friend died of complications arising from cancer.  Her funeral, while breaking my heart, had so many funny, happy photos of her, before, during and after treatment. If there was ever a time you felt less than beautiful I would imagine it would be during chemotherapy! But what shone out in every picture was her smile.  And I realised.....if I died tomorrow, what pictures would my kids have of their mother? Do they have happy faces to look on, or absent faces because Mum was always behind the camera?( I'm too ugly to be in the photo!)

Life is too short to be ruled by the voices putting you down.  You only get one chance at this, so why not make it as fun, as shiny, as meaningful as you can possibly make it? Fight back words with are more than what you think you are. Hit every negative word with a positive.  Fake it til you make it if that is too hard! Smile (even when you don't feel like it) and you will get smiles in return.  Try it and tell me about it!

Go on ....I DARE you!  :-)


  1. I love the way you think.
    It's so true! I can't remember the last time my internal voice said something nice about myself.
    I accept your dare and double dare you back!!!!

  2. Challenge ACCEPTED! LOL :-)