Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Winter Mornings run

Today was planned for a long run...18 kilometres of foot following foot. Due to illness and timing, I was on my own for this one.  Just me, the path and the 2 degree temperature outside.

I rugged up in layers....singlet, longsleeved top and hoodie and popped on my gloves.  As soon as it was light I was off.

It was frosty but clear....I could hear the grass crunching under my feet and everything sparkled.  The sun was just rising and turning the sky orange and pink when I hit the river, 2 kilometres into the run.

It was a wee bit cold for birdlife, I've never heard the river so silent. As I ran I could see the mist starting to curl up from the water's surface, felt like I was in an Arthurian tale and could imagine a knight standing silently on the island in the middle of the river, guarding unicorns and maidens.

I continued on at a fairly good pace, I was starting to warm up a bit now. I followed the river for a while then crossed a bridge at the highway, turning to run under it and then joining the path again behind the Werribee Zoo. The sky was a bit more alive here, the eagles were out, a few fat bunnies ran away when they heard me coming and one little fat bunny further up the path a fair way was not as quick as the others...certainly not as quick as the drop dead gorgeous bird that swooped it up.  It was amazing, way beyond words and so quick.

Anyway...ground...still frosty. Felt like I was running through Christmasland, which freaked me out a bit after reading Joe Hill's book NOS4R2. Pace quickened a bit after that. Far too much imagination to be running alone...

I also discovered two things I did not realise before while running behind the Zoo and the Mansion.

1.  Wooden bridges, when  icy, look spectacular but are also slippery.
2. I can nearly do the splits.

After making these discoveries, I ran on, a little more carefully.  More birds were appearing, my favourites, the fairy wrens were bobbing about along the path and (not my favourites) the magpies were singing their hearts out. The sun was shining a little better now, and the run along the paths through the Mansion were beautiful. The lions roared for their breakfast in the background.  Long swathes of green and frosty grass edged the path as I ran around the lake and to the grotto.

Every house should have a grotto......

Leaving the Mansion I ran the paths that led to the Victorian State Rose Garden next door.  The roses are not at their best being Winter but I cannot WAIT to run this during September and October when they will be in full bloom!  It was peaceful here, and every now and then you'd get a whiff of rose scented air.  The sun was warming up a bit and it felt good.

Running out the main gates and along the farmlands now I was lost in my own little world. The sky was clear. My legs felt good, I was over halfway through the run. It felt good to be alive. And joining onto the main road I was amazed to see what I was running into....

 Foglights anyone?  All that Arthurian mist wending its way through the streets....incredible since when I left it was crisp and clear. Watching for random unicorns in the mist, I turned for the home leg.  This is along the Federation Trail back to the river, a favourite with cyclists.  Nothing like running and having a group of men all call out good morning to you.  Enough to turn a girls head ;)  Including the cyclist having a quiet pee against the tree.  I tried to be discreet and not pay attention but he was cheery enough to wish me good morning as I ran past, eyes looking anywhere but that vicinity.

I even ran into the 3 Amigos, friends who are cyclists.  Nothing like running into mates to keep you going!

Finally, 1 hour and 56 minutes later and feeling good I hit home.  18.23 kilometres later and a brilliant way to start the day.

But  the best bit about running in Winter? after.


  1. Yes it was an awesome morning for it and even better when you consider YOU did it all on your own. Lonely business this running and I was lucky I had someone to drag me along, but that is impressive by you.

    1. Thanks Greg, but I'm more used to running on my own, so I slip into my own little world. I've been loving the past month or so running with someone else to talk to!
      So glad I much amazingness I would have missed, and besides, odds are it's going to be cold in July when we do the half! Might as well 'acclimatise' LOL

  2. Oh my gosh you must have been flying. I did my longest run ever yesterday 11.8km and it took me 1 hour 30 mins. But that's at my plodding rate! Love the photographs, I like to see what people see on their runs, we all live in such uniquely different areas. It's nice to be at one with the run isn't it, and just feel at peace.


  3. Awesome inspired me to go and get my 10km. Its been a mental battle for me (and a bit physical too).

    1. Karen that is AMAZING!!!! Great Job! Now you know you can do it :) The mental battle is the hardest thing. A few weeks ago when I saw the training program i thought "That far? That's going to HURT." But that was my mind didn't 'hurt' and made one of the best mornings of my life. Solve the worlds problems like I do, that keeps your mind off it LOL

  4. WOW! You are an absolute machine!! I'd love to be able to run 18kms & i'm sure one day I will. For now I'll stick to my1km stints & try & build on it each day. Incredibly inspiring :-) Ali